Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tune vol 33 - I Can See Clearly Now

Today's Tuesday Tune is brought to you by diopters.  Do you know the meaning of this word, diopters?  Until two weeks ago, I had never heard or knew the meaning of that word, diopters.

Evidently, diopters are used to measure how well you see.  Yahoo #2 is missing some diopters.  Many diopters.  Like minus 8 in one eye and  minus 6 in the other.  Yahoo #2 is very far-sighted.  How that kid could read is a miracle. 

On Wednesday of last week, the spectacles arrived.  At the inaugural application of said spectacles, the heavens sang us this song:

Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite #1, Op. 46 - 1. Morning

Serous!  It was just like the cartoons.

Since the dawn of Yahoo #2's spectacledom, things around here have changed quite a bit.  He reads stuff - all the time.  He looks at letters.  He looks at his homework.  (What is with this homework business in Kindergarten, by the way?) He watches TV without pulling the corners of his eyes out. He skis faster. He came inside from playing the other day with exclamations of "There are birds in the trees!"  He tinkers on the piano.  Before spectacles, the piano was one giant mass of black and white.  Now he can see individual keys!  This means the boy gets piano lessons.  Lucky, lucky boy.

And so it is, on this Tuesday Tune vol 33, that I present our new theme song:

I Can See Clearly Now - Johnny Nash

With this new addition to the family, I figured some pictures were in order:



Also decided to get the Fish-Eye out (I say this like the Fish-Eye gets put away!)  The Fish-Eye and glasses go together nicely:






Lars said...

My contact prescription is -6.25. That is equivalent to 20/500 vision. I am legally blind without false orbs. I can understand the Yahoo's excitement over being able to see clearly now.

Jessica said...

What fantastic pictures you have there! Glasses on little kids is adorable. It makes them look like little grown ups.

megan said...

Love it!! Just wait till he gets lasix...that is when the heaves truly open...no more blindness at night or in the shower or waterskiing :) My mother grew up in SLC...until the kindergarten glasses were purchased she never knew what SNOW really LOOKED like...hmm.

rookie cookie said...

I am listening to the song right now and during the chorus, I am picturing Yahoo #2, smiliing, standing in a grassy field looking up at the sky with his arms stretched out and the camera panning all around him in a circle.

I am glad to see that you have started taking care of the child's welfare.

rabidrunner said...

Rookie, thanks for noticing my new parenting skills. Heck, he just might be getting three squares a day. Starting tomorrow - I must pace myself.

Sparks said...


Ryan said...

nice. your little man is rockin' the specs like no tomorrow! i only wish i could say the same of when i was adorned with my first pair in grade one. uh-uh.