Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday Tune vol 31 - Pizza Day

All right everyone, pay attention.  Raise your hand if you love Ween!  Great job boys and girls! Look at all of those Ween lovers out there! Just look at you all.  You look so very nice.

Today's Tuesday Tune is Someday - Ween and here's why:  Tuesday is Pizza Day at the Yahoo's school. Pizza Day is the only day Yahoo #1 has a guaranteed school lunch. It's a guaranteed school lunch day because I remove my Mean-As-Hell-Medusa Mask and send him to school without a home-lunch.  One day a week - on Pizza Day Tuesday - Yahoo #1 gets to eat school lunch and not Medusa Mom's home-lunch.

Medusa Mom's yucky home-lunch is amply furnished with a sandwich on home made wheat bread, long (not baby) carrots and chips imported from India (via rabidrunner backpack.  Indian chips are the best on the planet.  You can trust me on this one because I have been all over the planet now and have had chips from all over that same planet.)  Medusa Mom's home-lunch also has a bite size snickers bar or some other delicious delectable.

Only Mean-As-Hell-Medusa Moms send a home-made lunch.  Nice Moms buy school lunch.  The Greek Mythology books even say so. On page 31.  "Medusa made her offspring eat a home-made lunch.  If the little brats complained, she would turn them to stone."

For the record, there are many mornings in the which Medusa Mom doesn't have her act together or is frazzled more than normal.  On these mornings, Medusa Mom morphs into Nice Mom and Yahoo #1 gets whatever pickled and preserved entrée the elementary café happens to be serving.  Sometimes I think the Yahoos get me frazzled on purpose so as to escape the home lunch.

So on Tuesday mornings, Yahoo #1 is excited to go to school (for Pizza Day) and we sing.  On Tuesday mornings, we sing the lyrics from Ween's Someday song because it says:  "Tuesday - is pizza day."

It's so cute when an eight-your-old sings Ween, isn't it?  So very cute.  Now don't you all go teaching him the lyrics to Piss Up A Rope because that will not be cute in the slightest.  And this means you, specifically, Vera.  (She's been known to frequent Ween and teach the Yahoos things.  Also notice that I didn't provide you with a link to Ween's Piss Up A Rope.  You're on your own with that one.)

Oh and while we're on the subject of Vera - she's a Granny now!  Vera's daughter Ellvie had a bouncing baby Digby last week.  We're all so very thrilled.  It's weird when your friends become grandparents, isn't it?  Weird.

Here's the Someday lyrics, so as you can sing along too!  On Pizza Day!  (What is with me and the excess of exclamation points lately!?)

You will hear me sing a love song
One day
I'll find a girl to call my own

Bringing it all together
Doing it on my own
Walking hand in hand like lovers

And if you wished upon the moon
Then it maybe one day soon

Tuesday - is pizza day

Bringing it all together
Doing it on my own
Walking hand and hand like lovers

And if you wished upon the moon
Then it maybe one day soon


Jessica said...

Exclamation points are fun! So is Pizza Day! (Maybe I'll have some pizza, in honor of Pizza Day.)

rjmatheson said...

Really just concerned at the concept of Medusa having children. It lends credence (albeit oxymoronic mythological credence...) of a woman needing to put a bag over her head before her husband will fool around with her. It's just sad...

rabidrunner said...

WHAT?! You mean that I'm the only one getting busy with a bag over my head?

Lars said...

Better than being a gal who needs a body bag I say.....

Oh and can I say I am shocked your Yahoos prefer school lunch over your bag lunches....yeah it was a treat when I got to take brown bag lunches. School cafeterias must have improved over the years.

Ryan said...

hip hip for pizza day. and chocolate. and cheese.

i'll bet medusa was nothing more than a suitably attractive asphyxiophiliac in need of a good backstory.