Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 30 - Sexy Back

Today's Tuesday Tune is Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back.  

What exactly does this Bringing Sexy Back business mean? Did sexy ever leave? (I guess that depends on who you live with and more importantly who you know, uh...hum with.) That Justin Timberlake has demonstrated, rather precisely, what Bringing Sexy Back means.


Sexy is funny.  Funny is sexy. You might be Ryan Reynolds or Jude Law or [insert current hip and attractive newt here] and be totally hot. But if you don't have a rockin' sense of humor, then you're an ugly dud.

I have this joke, taken from a Christmas movie a while back that stars Jude Law and Jack Black.  It's one of those cheesy love stories where Jack Black and Jude Law find love and romance when they least expect it.  (What a novel concept for a romance flick, right?  Also notice that I refuse to look up the movie's title.)  From this movie, one can conclude that there are too categories of people: those who fancy Jack Black and those who fancy Jude Law.

So which are you?  Jude Law or Jack Black?  For me, Jude Law is a dud. Not a funny bone in his body. Jack Black on the other hand? Oh yeaaah... sexy.  I'm having trouble finding its female counterpart.  Anyone?  Who's funny and who's hot?  Tina Fey verses Megan Fox?  Help me out here...

Now back to Justin and his Sexy Back.  Until recently, I didn't find Justin Timberlake sexy at all.  That young Justin however, has proven himself funny, funny, funny.  And since funny is sexy, sexy, sexy, Justin is now sexy.  Justin has put his money where his mouth is by proving his sexyness via funnyness.

See for your self.

Beyonce and Justin on SNL

Justin and Beep in a Box on SNL

Justin's Immigrate Tale on SNL

See?  Binging Sexy Back is Bringing Funny Back!


Jessica said...


I agree. Funny is sexy.

Lars said...

That is a tough call on the counterpart....seems like women are able to handle both the sexy and funny personality traits.

Sparks said...

"It'll be gone and he'll bring it back."

Jessica beat me to offering you the link. I just love that skit.

Sparks said...

Oh, and Mark and I sing D**k in a box all the time. Step one: cut a hole in the box. Step two: put your junk in the box. Step three . . .

Simple genius. Especially the part when he's swinging from the basketball hoop.

lifein360 said...

Okay. First of all, please never compare Megan Fox to Tiny Fey. Both would win in their selective categories. Don't ruin that fantasy for us dumb men.

My suggestion for gorgeous but hilarious women would be Laura Graham. (think Gilmore Girls mom).

The MacMizzles said...

Funny is more than sexy...it sustains life, with then supplies hours of life which then makes everything in life more enjoyable...if you get what I mean.

Winder said...

I have to agree with funny being the winner. Sexy will leave sooner than we all hope.

rabidrunner said...

Thanks Jessica, post has been updated.

Hey, Megan, did you know this post was born at your house? I wrote it on the mePhone one morning while waiting for your lazy ass to get out of bed. 'Twas inspired by the Justin Timberlake show that you provided the night before.

(To be fair, I'll admit to falling asleep at 9:30 on Megan's chair.)