Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shuffle Shopping

I have been shopping for Shuffles.  IPod Shuffles, that is.  Commonly referred to (by me) as mePod Shuffles. Shuffles are necessary for recreating and/or exercising (if doing so with music) because they're small, lightweight and do not bounce.  An 80 gig mePod on a run will never fly.

Right now, I have a perfectly good 'n working 2nd generation mePod Shuffle.  I use it often.  I'm hard on my Shuffles though and sense that the end is drawing nigh for my current Shuffle.
Exhibit A: 2nd generation mePod Shuffle
(In green for St. Patrick's Day)

Exhibit B:  3rd generation mePod Shuffle with proprietary headphones:
(Also in green for St. Patrick's Day)  

It has come to my attention, however, that I might need to stock up on 2nd generation Shuffles before my current one dies, while supplies last.  Why?  Because the new and "improved" 3rd generation mePod Shuffles must be used with Apple's proprietary headphones.

This is betty, betty bad.

Apple headphones are not good.  Apple headphones are the pits.  This is what I do with Apple's headphones:


Exhibit C: Feeding Headphones to Pound Hound

After I spent a few minutes looking for a replacement 2nd generation Shuffle, it became quite clear that the Invisible Hand is armed and in action within the current Shuffle scene.  Supply and demand has valued a 1GB, 2nd generation, refurbished Shuffle at twice as much as a 2GB, 3rd generation brand-spanking-new Shuffle.  This means you will pay more for less with the old and pay less for more with the new.

I hope Apple is paying attention.


Winder said...

Good Luck my dear. Maybe your 2nd gen. will hold out for the 4th generation to come out...

Sparks said...

The new Shuffle sucks. What the heck were they thinking? The last batch were perfect.

Lars said...

I am with Megan. I had a first Gen. Shuffle and it finally died and I got the new shuffle. I loathe the headphones. They are constantly falling out during long runs and I don't like the feature to skip music since it doesn't work too well. This is one thing that Apple dropped the ball on. They should have left well enough alone. Boo.

Ryan said...

this sound fishy to me. i've seen proprietary other bits (sony's power adapters come to mind) but not headsets. i could stand corrected soon enough, but i'd be (very) surprised if standard headphones inserted into the 3rd gen shuffle proved inadequate in terms of pure listening. (megan does your household stand behind this proclamation on the shuffle?)

now would any/all other voice control headsets offer all the same functionality? dunno. for what it's worth (?) i use my blackberry headset with my 3rd gen memyselfandipod touch and the mute (for calls) / pause (for music) button will both pause the touch and activate voice control when held down.

rabidrunner said...

So Ryan, here's the deal with the new shuffle: all of the controls (forward, back, volume, PLAY, etc.) are in the headphones. The shuffle itself has no buttons. If one wishes to press PLAY, one must use proprietary headphones. Dumb, yes?

P.S. Careful who tell about your meTouch.

Ryan said...

and the bulb slowly flickers to a dull glow. so it is all about the controls, wherein control is everything. i lay groggily corrected.

p.s. who's the metouchy one?

rookie cookie said...

Those headphones are bad news. Van thinks they are little microphones, so he eats them, because you are supposed to eat microphones apparently.

You should hear how hot and bothered Ethan gets about Apple's headphones.

Bob Loblog said...

Tsk Tsk, How many times do I need to remind you. Consult me with all your Apple woes. Try this on for size:

I'm sure there are others but this is the first one I found.

radracer said...

Yippee, an aftermarket adapter REQUIRED for operation of the device with something as simple as headphones. One more thing to purchase, lose, break, immerse in Wendy's fruit punch, etc. (Yes, there is a story behind the fruit punch.)