Saturday, March 27, 2010

Power Rest

I am smack dab in the middle of earning my merit badge for left leg ITBS.  See that's the great thing about having two legs -- it grants the opportunity for double merit badges.  Lucky-fer-me, I have already earned my merit badge for ITBS in the right leg.  I'm so very blessed that way.

Incidentally, I refuse to verbalize the I-word because, well, Runners never say "injury." Just like Goonies Never Say "Die."  It's true. We just don't.

I have this I-word prevention/treatment ritual that I jump into each time I feel the slightest hint of any I-word inducing merit badge or belt loop.  I take four days off.  And by off, I mean completely off.  No cross training, no nothing.  I rent videos.  And while I watch videos for a day or two, I move as little as possible.  I stretch.  I walk only to the freezer for an ice pack.  I order the Yahoos to clean the house and make the dinner.  (Hah!  As if the Yahoos will clean the house and make the dinner without me riding them.  As if!  It was worth dreaming about, however.)

Anyway.  Here I sit.  Resting.  Stretching.  And Icing.  I've watched The Blind Side, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Julie and Julia, and two others that I won't admit.  This Power Rest business is gonna work.  It does every time.  Pretty soon I'll be running like a banshee who just earned another merit badge.




Lars said...

Is one of the others New Goon? Hope your leg feels better soon!

rabidrunner said...

Nope... I'd admit to watching New Moon.

tom lindsey said...

I feel your pain, several times a year. Sorry to hear that you are on the couch-- makes me feel a little guilty for having just finished Gooseberry Mesa with my son.

Good luck

Sparks said...

Wait, if you rode them your kids could really make dinner?


Makell said...

That ITBS sounds like a just a pure delight! That's really sucky (for lack of a better term) but it looks like you've been through this before and know what to do. Is that also your good skiing leg? You're good on one leg aren't you? Really, who needs them both.
I hope you are feeling better! :)

radracer said...

Is this what prompted visiting the new yoga studio, they one sans chatty instructor during Savasana?

I've decided that the S in ITBS represents "Sucks". After two weeks of missing the requisite Saturday yoga because of OBLIGATIONS of one sort or the other, I'm starting to feel some sympathy pains. Of course they are on the right, (they are always on the right), so I guess it should be called companion sympathy pain.

Enjoy the recovery period. See you Wednesday?