Thursday, March 25, 2010


I feel like saddling a high-horse and climbing on a soap box today. Doesn't that sound fun? Does to me. I'm not particularly bent about anything, but I feel as if an exercise in self-righteousness is about due. This prolly has something to do with the fact that I did laundry all dang day yesterday. Get it? Soap box? Laundry?

So now I'm going to rack the brain for some things to be on my high-horse-soap-box about.

Soapbox Item #1
Let's start with laundry. Who on this lovely green and brown earth decided we need clean clothes all of the time? Can't we go back to the days when you had only three sets of clothes? And those clothes were washed twice a year? Who invented this hygiene crap that all of us subscribe to?

Soapbox Item #2
The school sent home a letter the other day complaining about Yahoo #1's excessive attendance issues. They sent me a Compulsory Education Violation.  Since the beginning of the year, he's missed 6 days and had two tardies. The tardies were because of his piano lesson. This piano lesson is every Thursday at 8:30am. For some reason, the school thinks it's okay to change the school starting time from 9:15 to 8:00 on four days a year. Seriously makes my skin crawl. So, you know, the piano lesson is important. On those two Thursdays a year, Yahoo #1 has the piano lesson and I take him to school late. With a note.  The school has been in session three terms.  On average, the Yahoo has missed 2 days per term.

Now here's the soap box part. The reason the school is complaining is because three of those absences were "unexcused" -- meaning, I didn't call the school and say "the Yahoo is staying home today for ...."  It's against the law for me to keep my child home from school unexcused.  Here's the juicy parts from the letter:

"While this may not seem serious at this time, if allowed to continue, it could adversely affect your child's education.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your student is at school, on time, everyday.  If your student is not able to be at school you are required by law to offer an excuse for their absences.

"So I know you understand the seriousness of this problem and your willingness to work with us to correct it, please return this letter to me with your signature."

Does that sound like a threat to you?  They're treating me like a crack whore who can't get their kids to school.  Next thing you know, they're going to fine us for not having Yahoo #2 in glasses before school started.

Soapbox Item #3
This week I have a new appreciation for my windowless basement office.  Why?  Because it has no water cooler.  Which means other employees will not gather around it and hash out the Health Care.  I've heard of many heated arguments (at the work place) over Health Care Reform.  So you disagree.  Big deal.  Get over it and be friends. 

Soapbox Item #4
Speaking of health care, I will say this:  I do not appreciate force -- by any means, and it appears as though we'll be forced to buy health care. I don't like to be forced. For the greater good, for patriotism, blah blah blah. Plain and simple, I don't liked to be forced to do ANYTHING. So maybe now you know kinda where I stand on health care.

Massachusetts, with the help of one Mitt Romney, has already jumped on the health-care-by-force bandwagon. For giggles, I've included a look at the lovely MA-1099-HC that all Mass residents are required to file -- you know, to prove they have insurance. Soon, we'll all get to file one just like it! Aren't you glad! He who files the most tax forms wins!!!

(Go ahead... click it.  You know you wan to.)

Soapbox Item #5
I just hit the publish post button on accident. Before I was finished. Dang. Nothing's worse that premature publish posting.

Soapbox Item #6
The IRS has too many forms -- 1130 forms (and instructions) to be exact. Go look for yourself:  Click here.

Soapbox Item #7
Virus people should be strung up and used as wolf bate.  Spouse sent me this article today.  Evidently there's a company in the Ukraine that makes viruses.  It's a company -- not some geek in a basement.  This company has an H.R. department, vacation and bonuses.  They have employee picnics and parties.  This particular company creates viral stuff called Scareware.  Scareware infects the machine with nesting dialogs that inform the user that they've been infected with a virus, then sends the user to a dialog so as they can "purchase" a tool to remove it.  User enters credit card, company makes millions.

Not cool.

I've often wondered if thee virus removal companies (and you know who you are -- I say it like that because I have friends and whatnot who work for the big two), have their hands in the virus-makin' business. Maybe, quite possibly, the virus removal companies ensure product demand and longevity by finding a way to infiltrate the world with viruses.  Think about it!?  What if there are no more viruses?  We lose jobs.

Soapbox #8
I tried a new Yoga studio today.  It was rad.  Get a load of me calling Yoga rad.  I might be in trouble for calling Yoga rad.  The Hindi Gods of Yogini might form an alliance against me until I perform a Puja.

Today, I was so pleased to see (hear) that the instructor shut her mouth during the Savasana.  I get on my soap box about it being quiet during the Savasana.  I cannot relax with some chick jabbering at me.  And for heaven sakes, don't tell me when and when not to breath.

Soapbox finished.  I suppose I'll get down now.  Sigh.



Sparks said...

I've accepted the offer of admission to a writing program in Mass. and in order to attend their low-res program they require that I show proof of health insurance, the coverage of which needs to be as good as or better their student health insurance plan. A little overbearing if you ask me.

No likey the perpetual hassle of viruses and the required protection from? Get a Mac.

Savasana sucks. I can put both my legs behind my head but I cannot release in corpse pose. We all have something to work on in our practice--I don't have to work for the flexibilty but I suck at savasana and there are those who would argue that it is the practice's most important posture. Great.

Any and all errors above are the fault of my phone. Not me.

Lars said...

I wondered where this post went. I was reading it on my reader in class. You, Winder, and JMakin were my saving graces this afternoon while I suffered through four hours of boredom. I always love your undies in an uproar posts.

Winder said...

You know the attendance letter is full of idle threats. I happen to know of someone whose children missed 8 times the number of days Yahoo missed. No reports to DCFS, even though there should have been.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you aren't a crack whore.

Megan, if it makes you feel better, most schools ask for proof of health insurance. Either that, or pay for theirs. Fun! I suppose it's a liability issue? (damn lawyers...)

Lars said...

Some even ask for proof of insurance as well as proof of up to date immunizations. The joys of college.