Monday, March 01, 2010

Family Business

There's this button.  It's called the Publish Post button and it's part of the Blogger.  It's the button you press after you have typed up some words and pictures and whatnot.  This button is magic, for it takes your words and pictures and spews it all over the internet.  It's so very magic.  Like bubbles are magic, or alka seltzer or even Xanadu.  (Oh Xanadu!)

Whenever I get ready to press that Publish Post button, two creatures of polar positioning perch themselves upon my person.  Actually, they're perched upon each of my shoulders, but there isn't a word for "shoulder" that starts with "p," so "person" it is.  These personages, positioned with precise polarity provide a paradox.

On the left shoulder, the personage says, "Do it.  Do it!  Publish the Post!  This post is edgy and cool and all the hip kids are writing stuff like that these days!"  The personage on the right shoulder, however, is timid and shy and overly conscientious.  She's yelling, "No.  Don't!  You've gone too far.  You're sure to offend.  Remember your mother-in-law!"

Yes.  Right-Side-Rachel reminds me to consider the mother-in-law (Mom of Spouse) while Left-side-Lucy encourages me to run amok. 

Today, as I was cleaning the pantry (definitely not magic like Xanadu), Mom of Spouse phones.  During our conversation, she mentioned that she enjoys reading the rabidrunner blog.  "Oh dear," I said, and shrunk into the pantry.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything to be ashamed of per se, but Spouse comes from a very respectful and appropriate upbringing.  The business of Spouse's Family is gentile.  They partake tea with their pinkies flexed and embroider pretty things in a parlor.

Me, on the other hand?  I come from... uh... let's just say... I come from somewhere different.  Real different.  The business of my family created Left-Side-Lucy.  (And that Lucy is a tramp!)

During our pantry clean-n-shrink parley, Mom of Spouse mentioned that she especially enjoys the India photos.  And so it is today, that you get an Indian Family Business - just for Mom of Spouse.  

Rubber Balls

Bottled Water


Lars said...

I love all the colors. Americans are boring when it comes to color.

Winder said...

Ah...Rubber Balls in Fish Net Tights.

Love the photo of the Bottled Water woman. She is beautiful. Oh the stories those eyes could tell.

I also love the India photos. I can never get enough. I am not kidding about wanting a compilation of these photos. I am willing to spend own moolah for it.

lifein360 said...

A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it....Rabidrunner.

Using Xanadu to open a blog post is such a "impulse read" leader. Curses, I always fall for the Xanadu trick.

rabidrunner said...

And now
Open your eyes and see
What we have made is real
We are in Xanadu

A million lights are dancing
And there you are
A shooting star
An everlasting world
And you're here with me

I told you Xanadu is magic! It hooked, line and sinkered a reader.

I hear you Lars. I don't even like to take pictures here anymore. Winder, the book is yours. I just have to create it first. (Notice I said create and not finish.

Moe said...

hmmm, not sure if we (smeltzer and I) should feel offended or vindicated...

Winder said...

I forgot to mention this is one of your finer alliteration posts. In all of my professional opinion that is.

The MacMizzles said...

Look, your blog is honest, and she is proper enough to respect that you are who you are, and still reads your blog and doesn't punish you.

Which means even if lucy exists...she gets along with others. :)

Ryan said...

read this a while ago; had to come back 'round to comment. your regaling of the battle betwixt rsr & lsl struck a particularly familiar chord as i'm seemingly forever stuck in the mode of the second guess. lsl won such a hard-fought battle leading to comment numero uno (and still finds the response rather amusing in context, though not all have agreed). thank you for extending the welcome mat to those who listen to lsl perhaps too readily on occasion as without your capstone remarks rsr would no doubt have held lsl's tongue henceforth herein.