Monday, February 01, 2010

Grammy Time

It's Grammy time. Did you watch the Grammies? Me neither! I was finishing up on my Lost Training. We did it! We finished all five seasons in five weeks. It was tough. It was arduous.  It took a lot of carbs. But we did it. And now we are pumped up and ready for Tuesday's premier of Season 6.

(Just so you know, I don't plan to use the rabidrunner blog to discuss Lost theories or recap what happens. There are plenty of bits out in internet space dedicated to Lost rehashes. I'm not a with-the-masses kind of gal so will refrain from common Lost conversation.  There won't be any spoilers either, so there.)

Now back to the Grammies. There are two things I do not get:  Beyonce and The Kings of Leon.

Let's start with Bee-ouncey.  I'm sure she's a nice person.  I'm sure she works hard and whatnot, but what, exactly, is that squeak she calls a voice?  It's not a sound that soothes or inspires or invigorates.  If anything, it gives that fingernails-on-the-blackboard flashback of my youth (you know back before white boards were invented.)  I realize that she's all that when it comes to dancing.  But it's as if they've shoved hundreds of mice into a Versace and told it to shake.   (All the single mice?  All the single mice.  All the single mice?  All the single mice.  Put a ring on it before it scurries away...)

Then there's the Kings of Leon.  BOH-RING.  And what's with this Sex Is On Fire business?  I judge a good sex-is-on-fire song by it's make-out ability.  Sex is on Fire has no make-out ability.  None.  (Not that I know about make-out ability anymore, what with being married ten years 'n all.  Still.  Do see what I mean by it having no make-out ability?  What are your favorite make-out songs?)

The Kings of Leon, however, said something rather profound when accepting their award. They began their spill with,  "We're a little drunk.  But we're happy drunks!"  I think I'm going to start using that one.  Only I'll mix it up.   

"I'm a little crazy.  But I'm happy crazy!" 

Oh and what about Taylor Swift? Isn't she the cutest thing to grace the music scene?  Like ever?  I want to put her in my pocket.  Take her home and hire her to do stuff for me.  I'm sure I can afford her.  I might have to pay her not to sing though.  Not a Taylor Swift fan, can you tell?  But she sure is cute!


Jessica said...

You just made my whole day with your thoughts on Bee-ouncey. I thought I was the only one in the world who didn't like her. Sure, she can dance, but she can't sing. At all.

Julie said...

I have always maintained that Beyonce does not sing, she honks,not unlike an angry goose.

As for Taylor Swift? She should not sing live. She is not good live. She is not good not live. Sure, I suppose she's cute. But Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks DO NOT belong on the same stage singing the same song. No.

Megan and Keli'i said...

And what's with all of Beyonce's songs sounding the exact same?

And Taylor Swift. Like you said: cute and tone deaf.

And make out songs? Hmmm...maybe U2's "One." Don't think I've ever made out to that song, but I sure like it.

Lars said...

Beyonce's music makes me want to cut my eyeballs out and stuff them in my ears so I can't see or hear her. Yup feel that strongly about her. Felt that strongly about her when she was in that threesome back in the day when I was in highschool.

Filthy #1 said...

Saw the Beyonsee at the folks house in HD. Yikes. Did you ever see that 30 rock episode with Liz in HD on her own show? Kinda like that.

And before that I saw J. Lo's hips. Wow. Filled all 46 inches of their tv. Shocking. I remember some eyelashes too.

Good makeout song? Norah Jones 'Turn Me On'. Yup.

Winder said...

You obviously haven't asked Delmar about our love about sex is on fire! He, he, he.

Don't even get Delmar started on Taylor Swift. He thinks she is the weirdest looking person. It is actually pretty funny to here him rant about it.

I don't know about make-out songs anymore either, but does every high school dance still end with Alphaville "Forever Young"?

Lars said...

Rabid dear, people don't make-out to music anymore they make-out to movies. At least that is how it has been since I have been in college. Usually it is those burly war movies that evoke a good make-out...

rabidrunner said...

I really thought that I was going to get blasted on this one. They earned grammies for cryin' out loud, surely lots of people out there like 'em. But why?!

Well evidently my peeps don't like 'em. My peeps have great taste in music. I love my peeps.

Funny story, my sister sent me an itunes gift earlier today. And before I even opened it I started to laugh because I thought it was a Beyonce tune. She is such an ass that way. Love her. (It wasn't a Beyonce Tune. 'Twas Szymanowski.)

rabidrunner said...

Lars dear... War movies? Wow. Like Band of Brothers and Apocalypse Now and Saving Private Ryan and Taps? That kind of ambiance fails to make me amorous.

Lars said...

Um more like 300, The Last Samurai, Taking Chance, etc. Usually it is a ploy. Dane Cook explains the ploy all too well. Boy asks girl to come watch a movie. Because you know everyone loves movies, right? Girl isn't going to say um no I hate movies. So then girl agrees. Boy gives awkward tour of the place of residence. Then they watch movie. This usually leads to watching of said movie which then boy will play the game of trying to initiate make-out, this is usually by teasing the girl or picking a tickle fight. Strange mating ritual it really is but for some reason the "Hey you want to watch a movie?" Is the new "Hey I want to use you for a random make-out.

Like I said games...all about the games. War movies probably because I don't watch chick flicks and they have to get my attention over there in the first place with something exciting.

Celeste said...

I dunno about all you maker-outers, did you go to your bishops directly after these "movie nights"? Haha, just kidding, I just always made out with boys cuz I could & it was fun, no ambience required. (kinda skanky in my day). I
I use the grammys as an opportunity to foretell exactly who I will NOT be listening to in the future. Unless Kanye West is on, that boy is PURE entertainment, what an ass.
Best make out song ever? Come back to bed by John Mayer.

Aubrey said...

I throw up in my mouth every time I hear Taylor swifts' song.

Ryan said...

best make-out song? business time. full stop.