Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tune Vol 26 - January's Departed

I moved into the right neighborhood.  I'm sure you tired of me saying that.  But it's true and I will say it again: I moved into the right neighborhood. Why all the neighborhood fuss on this Tuesday?  The fuss is because, in this hood, we have a Vera.

Every neighborhood should have a Vera.

A Vera is someone with whom you can spend many summer days and nights on the "stoop" listening to Blues, someone you can call on the phone and sing badly to, someone who will shovel your walk and teach you how to make Rad Beanies.  A Vera is also someone with whom you see live shows and someone with whom you can travel to Chicago for Lollapalooza so that you can see the Dandy Warhols (and maybe run into them at the airport and get a photo with 'em) and G Love and the Pixies and Billy Idol and Primus and... it went on for days!  Two days, to be exact. 

In essence, a Vera is someone who speaks your love language of music.  It means you like and appreciate the same kind of music. (Which for us is just about everything.) 

Quite often, the Vera and I exchange mixes.  Do you know this mix term?  It's a collection of songs that all run along a specific theme.  Having a theme is the important part.  It usually goes like this:  Vera phones. "Hey.  I got a mix for you."  Then I squeal like a pig and run over like an inbred hillbilly.  (That was so BAD, wasn't it?  BAD RABID, BAD!)

And so it is, that today's Tuesday Tunes are compliments of Vera.

Vera's current theme de mix is a good one.  So good is this theme that I just cannot keep it to myself.  I must share.  As January is departing, Vera has brought us the departed - those who have passed in the month of January.  Enjoy.

Hey Good Lookin - Hank Williams
Great Pretender -  The Platters (RIP Buck Ram)
Bringin' On The Heartache - Def Leppard (RIP Steve Clark)
Honey, Don't - Carl Perkins
I Ain't Superstituous - Howlin Wolf 
Stayin' Alive - BeeGees (RIP Maurice Gibbs)
Slim Harpo - Ti Ni Nee Ni Nu
The Beat Goes On - Sony & Cher (RIP Sony Bono)
The Crusher - The Cramps (RIP Bryan Gregory)

She also sent me a mix for February's Departed.  Now that made you squeal like a pig, didn't it!?  But don't run over here like an inbred hillbilly because that mix will make the Tuesday Tunes for February.



Lars said...

I was listening to the Dandy Warhols this morning and it made me think of you.

I enjoyed this post. I look forward to next months.
I can only come up with two for December so this must take a lot of work:
The Traveling Wilburys: End of the Line - Roy Orbison
That's Life- James Brown

Ski Bike Junkie said...

At first I was thinking this was people who departed in January of this year. I was like "holy crap, the death toll in the music industry was staggering this month, and I didn't hear about a one." Then I actually read the list and realized it was ANY January not THIS January. Duh.

Winder said...

Vera--She truly is One-Of-A-Kind.

Love this post.

Jessica said...

Vera is dedicated. Impressive and looking forward to February.

How was skiing?

The MacMizzles said...

That Vera.

How about a play list of the "dearly beloved." Music from bands that actually fell in love and stayed together through fame...

Becca said...

I was perusing the blog world today and just thought you might enjoy this one


This post in particular was what made me think of you.


I have to admit that I haven't watched any of her video's but I just thought that maybe you would care: