Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Tune Vol 25 - Mony Mony

Today's Tuesday Tunes are a direct result of Lars calling my tax opinion, a Taximony.  Taximony is a play on the term "Testimony" where a Testimony is used to reveal a set beliefs and sometimes more unnecessary information that doesn't relate.  But only sometimes.  I have reviewed the cerebral spewage of this nerdspace and realize that it's all a Mony. Therefore Today's Tune is:

Mony Mony - Billy Idol

You all know I cannot stop there.  I must list some of my Monies (pronounced moan eaze) and assign a Billy Idol tune to each of these Monies.  I do this because a) I obviously have some time to waste or am choosing not to do dishes and b) it's totally freakin' entertaining.

First, we'll start with the Taximony by reminding you about the Making Work Pay and Taxation 101 posts. The Taximony gets Rebel Yell.

Second, we reach for Findimony and present a post about People Who "Find" Themselves.  The Findamony gets Tomorrow People.

Third, a view called Pornogimony where we uncover a scandal that involved something that starts with "P" and ends in "ography."  Pornogrimony gets Flesh For Fantasy.

Then we'll turn to the Princessimony wherein I divulge my distaste for princesses and their fairy tales. The Princessimony gets Sweet Sixteen.

And now it's the Vinylimony and I get on my high horse about vinyl lettering.  The Vinylimony gets English Dream.

Are you tired of this yet?  Don't go away.  I've saved the best for the last half.  We'll turn to the Textimony and remember the negative impact of texting on the English language.  My Textimony gets Eyes Without A Face.

In the news a while back, we developed a Polygimony over a particular compound in Texas.  The Polygimony gets Body Snatcher.  (This is my favorite Idol tune, by the way.)

Remember the Consumer Cleanse?  The Consumer Cleanse helped me gain a Cleansimony.  The Cleansimony gets Trouble With Sweet Stuff.

The winter of last year brought the Driveamony wherein we had a driving tip or two.  The Driveamony gets Daytime Drama.

Then there's the Markimony where we learn the Utah press cannot reivew the Mark accurately.  The Markimony gets Dancing With Myself.

We rescued a Hound from the Pound and developed a Houndimony.  The Houndimony gets Don't Need A Gun.
This is taking forever!  Time to condense.

The Friendimony had many episodes:  One, Two and Three and gets License to Thrill.

The Momimony gets Cradle of Love.

The Crackimony gets Summer Running.

The Deplete-imony gets Dead On Arival.

The Trustimony  gets Catch My Fall.

The Moneymony gets Wasteland.

The Thankimony gets The Right Way (to live and be happy!)

The Navigatimony gets Blue Highway.

The Matrimony gets White Wedding

Finally, after many hours of not washing dishes and entertaining myself, we bear our Hoodimony.  The Hoodimony gets Hot In The City.

Now that I've given you all my Monies, it's time for you to bear your Rabidimony.   Go on.  Don't be shy.



Lars said...

Oh man. Brilliant. Sheer. Brilliance. I look forward to when I arrive home and can read over all those -monies.

I'd like to bear my Rabidimony and I know this blog to be true. Um...wait...my mom isn't here to whisper the next phrase in my ear so I will be back....

Jessica said...

The vinyl lettering post is one of my favorites. Every time I listen to Zeppelin I think of it.

And your dress in the Matrimony post? I love it. A lot.

Brian said...

In the northermost reaches of Utah in a little town called Smithfield I once hear a Toastimony. The young bride and I could not stop laughing about a possible pancakimony, or a wafflemony.

Then this toastimony bearer compared his wife to eight cows or something... I was crying...

Sparks said...

Reveal this: how the heck long did it take to put this post together. That there is dedication. Clever dedication.

I'm so stinkin' honored to have been a part of this masterpiece. And I'm glad it sent me spiralling into your archives and their comments. How could be that I like you even more, you prolific minx you?

rabidrunner said...

Lars, I'm waiting to hear what your mom whispered in your ear and Jessica I should honestly turn the house into vinyl Zeppelin. How's that for clever, being as I have almost the entire Zep collection on vinyl. Can't bring myself to throw out the vinyl for some reason.

Now Brian, a toastimony? I giggled more than three times over that. Thanks for sharing.

Sparks darling, this post took me well over two hours. Duh, huh? But it was two hours of sheer entertainment and it beats any GNO around here. Girls Night Out? Nah. Blog Night In (BNI)? Oh yeah.

Prolific minx? That's the nicest thing anyone has every called me. Wow. I'm going to put that in vinyl and hang it on the bathroom mirror: "You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, you're a prolific minx!"

Lars said...

My momma said she was shocked and awed that this post didn't get more comments. Pure. Genius. What in the Sam Hill people?! I kept checking back for Rabidimonies....

I like the daily affirmation...I must go because the rogue intern just got busted.

rjmatheson said...

The vinyl lettering post was very funny. I think we have almost none. Interesting for a family that has owned their own vinyl plotter for seven years. We have a "Return with Honor" that we made at someone's request, and someone didn't want that color... It's above the door to the garage, right above the magnet that says "Just remember: As far as anyone knows we're a nice, normal family."

Now, as long as we have the plotter, maybe I should make your Zep vinyls for you. Or, better yet, a great big Rabid logo for your minivan.