Monday, January 25, 2010

Thoughts Worth Remembering

- Each and every time I run a race, The Winder calls me the day before and sings a made-up song about tomorrow being my race day.  These songs always remind me to have fun and run my hardest (which I'm convinced cannot happen during the same race because "Fun" and "run my hardest" rarely go together.)  Surprisingly, that Winder has turned out to be a great friend.  Yes, surprisingly.  She's super weird.  (And don't start with that pot-calling-the-kettle business.)

- Did you know Joe Strummer (of the Clash) ran a 3:20 at the 1983 Paris Marathon? 

- Speaking of celebrities and running, Runner's World had a delightfully entertaining article about the celebrities who run and how they are invading our sport.  You can read it here.  Actually you cannot read it there because the tightwads at Rodale didn't publish it on their web site.  Bummer. It's called "Stars Run Wild" and is written by the clever Robert Sullivan.

- Here's a quote from that article, just for fun:  "'Wait,' you ask serenely, 'what's the worry?  Why,' you wonder, 'is it wrong, per se, for a celebrity to run?'  Well, it's not that they shouldn't run.  It's just that by running so much, they threaten to take over the mundane, real-life world that we, the non celebrities, live in on a day-to-day basis.  We allowed them their compounds in the Hamptons, their special cars and yachts and beach resorts.  While we perhaps envied their fun, we recognized that the decadences came with the job (being stars).  An agreeable balance had been reached, a celebrity/non celebrity detente.  But now that they have come down to our level, and started running and sweating and entering our races, and started getting their pictures taken by the paparazzi while doing something we've been doing quite happily without them, then yes, we must face the fact that today a celebrity running crisis is upon us, disrupting the balance, or so it seems to me."

- Real carrots are so very tasty.  Those fake baby carrots are not tasty.  The Yahoos want real carrots all the time now.  I suppose I can accommodate that request.

- This is the Happy Hooker in action at our hotel in Saint George:


- Here's another photo of the Happy Hooker in action:


- Will someone call me and invite me to go somewhere?  Maybe that will give me the motivation to "do" my hair.  I might hand you a slew of excuses about not having time and whatnot, but you could respond with loving words of encouragement.  You could also respond with "get off your ass and go out."  Either would work.  Prolly.

- The Yahoos like sushi.  Do you have any idea what it costs to take a family of four out to eat sushi?  Good sushi?  Like, hundreds.

- Thanks to Megan, who sent us clothespin chopsticks for Christmas, the Yahoos can eat sushi with chopsticks.  See exhibits A and B below:



- I made the Mother of the Filthy Nelsons blush by using "bastard bulbs" in my post about the Filthy Nelsons.  I feel badly about this one.  The Mother of the Filthy Nelsons is the nicest person you'll ever meet.  And now she's going to blush again because I said "ass" earlier in this post.  Someone should tell her to quit reading the Rabid because Rabid is a foul-mouthed hooligan.  I took this picture for her in Saint George (I'm so nice that way.):


- Speaking of Bastard Bulbs, the loving neighborhood should come claim theirs.


- Jimmy went to court today for domestic violence.  I wanted to go sit in the back and represent the Ghosts of Domestic Violence Past.  But didn't.  Not sure how it went. My inside connection, who can provide public records easily, will call today. Court appearances are public record, you know.  I can only hope that this isn't his sentence:


- I'm starting to look obsessed, yes?  As if I'm constantly checking up on this Jimmy person?  Well I don't check up on this Jimmy person.  Haven't spoken to him in more than twelve years.  How I came to know of this domestic violence charge is a bizarre story worthy of its own post.  Might save it for later.  Might.

- I've cleared the day to ski tomorrow.  Don't know how that happened (some help from above, I'm sure), but I'm going.

- I hate January.

- Being as I hate January, why did Spouse and I decide to marry in January?  And why did we have a child in January?

- Speaking of our January Child (aka Yahoo #2), he turns 6 this week.  I'm so very sad.  I really, really, really like 5.  You won't see or hear me wishing for the baby years but you'll see me wishing for a 5-year-old.  Anyone have a 5-year-old I can borrow on occassion?

- I'm excited about tomorrow's Tuesday Tune.  It will be totally rad.

- "Rad" has made it into my vocabulary as of late.  Reminds me of the junior high.


Jessica said...

- That's what you meant by clothespin chopsticks. Excellent gift-giving, Megan.
- When my kids turn 5, I'll ship 'em to you. I should prolly have kids first.
- Did you read that thingy about Alanis Morissette in Runner's World? About how she's a runner. And also uses medical marijuana. What the..?

Lisa said...

I have a five year old for 6 more months. You're welcome to borrow her any time. Cute and slightly sassy. Nice to see ya the other day :)

Sparks said...

Aw! The choppysticks work! Huzzah.

This is the best kind of post. A smorgasbord of Rabid. My favorite.

rookie cookie said...

I really like that excerpt about celebrities running. I can see the conundrum.

Real carrots taste remarkable when roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper- just so you know.

Where are you buying this sushi? I am not an enormous sushi fan, but I am an enormous fan of California rolls.

@Sparks - What in the hell? I need those chopsticks. I can't use real ones either.

I hate January too. And February is pretty crappy too. The other day I made fresh salsa to kind of bitch slap January. And it was divine. You know what, next time I make salsa in these winter months, I will bring you some.

You can have my 5 year old. He turns 5 in March. And he will make you insane.

And like in junior high,

Have a great summer. Call me. Stay cool.

megan said...

love the random thoughts...except for the fact that I had to read back through to remember my comment! Oh!! could you maybe whip out some funky stocking cap for my cancer-like child's head? AND I think you should do one for a baby girl's head with 2 little pom-poms on it...and THEN I could take pictures of them and THEN you could start a website for them and THEN you could go to boutiques and sell them and THEN...

Sparks said...

Megan's on to something.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Um, do you take requests for the rad beanies? Cuz I would very much like one and would trade cash money or use of my five-year-old (who is an awesome skier) or any number of delectable comestibles from my wife's kitchen for one.

And where did you find such a vast assortment of root beer? Holy fetch, I had no idea there were all those varieties. It must have been the mormon version of one of those places that has crappy food but people go to anyway because of the wide array of otherwise-hard-to-fine beers it offers.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

BTW, am I the only person with a Y chromosome who comments here? Because it sort of feels like estrogen central every time I open the comment form.

Anonymous said...

"A smorgasbord of Rabid"? Reminds me of her early yrs when she had "focusing" issues :>) (Just to keep you humble)

They are not real carrots, Yahoo #1 has monikered them as long carrots at the Mom/Moe abode..

Estrogen level contained at least for now..

..the Moe

Anonymous said...

oh and btw, there are about 8 tons (or is it 8 ton) of long carrots at the Mom's house. Costco of course. Go get some..

Lars said...

@Ski Bike Junkie- Ryan used to comment but he no longer stops by to play. We must have scared him off with our banter.

@Rookie- here are some fun chopsticks for your kiddos, and I suppose you could use them as well. If you google training chopsticks I think you should be able to find them. I got these for my Sponges.

Rabid my dear if you were within driving distance I would invite you over for sushi. The fridge is full of it. The perks/cons of living with a sushi chef and me being a vegetarian.

Ryan said...

oh lars, your timing is impeccable. was just popping in to address a rhetorical question.

clearly, rabid, birthing so early in the new year is much less a testament to your detestation of january and oh so much more a comment on your lurv for april showers. the rain kind.

rabidrunner said...

First of all, what is this "@" business? Is this a new fangled blogging symbol used to speak at someone? Who started this fad? How come no one told me about it? Is it written in the blogger's guidebook to blogging? Well, then. I'll play the @ game too.

@All of you: Why didn't anyone tell me that I spelled "remembering" wrong in the title? OH! The embarrassment. It was "remebering" until I changed it to "remembering". And you guys claim to be my friends and say you'll watch my back. What. Ever. (Hehehehe. That was fun.)

@Megan, have you been to a boutique? I say boo to boutiques. Not an environment that I'm very fond of. I have looked into the strategy of hats fer cash, but alas cannot compete with children in India who make them for .25. 'Sides my other job pays better.

So @Megan and @SkibikeJunkie, I make beanies for people I like. You pass the "Rabid likes you" test and you'll get a beanie. (This means that you should start the brown-nosing and flattery and whatnot.)

@SkibikeJunkie, you are the one who outed yourself as a carrier of the "Y" chromosome. Having that unisex "SkibikeJunkie" name 'n all, no one would have known... but, you should know that I have many male readers who don't comment frequently or ever. I must say touche, however... for your comment section feels like testosterone central. I S'pose we're even now. Or maybe we add balance! Yeah, that's it. Balance. Balance is my middle name.

The Root Beer came from an old fashioned candy joint in Saint George. I have a photo of the collection, will post it.

Tired of the @ business so I'm going to switch to words.

Well Moe, now the whole damn world knows I have a bad case of the ADD. Way to go. But I will gladly and lovingly take some of your carrots.

Lars, I thought Sushi had to have fish? There's vedge sushi? You lucky girl. Gettin' to live with a sushi sous chef. Say that three times fast. Sushi sous chef, Sushi sous chef, Sushi sous chef.

And Ryan, who obviously can do math, has figured out that April brings more than showers. It brings Yahoos.

Rae Lynne said...

Here's one of my own random thoughts that came to mind reading your post:

The first day of leadership class freshman year of high school we had to go around the circle and introduce ourselves. We had to use a descriptive word starting with the first letter of our first name and then followed by our first name. Can you guess what my descriptive word was? It was rad. "Hi, I'm Rad Rae!" I wasn't really that excited to be there. I still wish I would have chosen rebellious instead of rad, but I guess I really am more rad than rebellious.

Rae Lynne said...

P.S. I just wanted to add myself to "I Love Sushi" fan club. I'm especially proud to have gotten the husband to try some after years of ridicule and ignorance (him, not me). He actually admitted it was tasty. Triumph!

Lars said...

Rabid, to clarify. They do make sushi sans fish. I however do not eat sushi. The brother however eats it. The best sushi however is one that has beef. I can't recall the name of it. It is something fancy though. I will have to inquire when the said sushi chef gets home.

That was definitely the tongue twister....hope your ski day was superb. I am eagerly awaiting your tunes for today.

megan said...

sweet I'm holding you to the beanie(s) I really want a baby one...and a post like yours called the 'happy hooker'.

strange - I just bought my first bag (in a really long time) of "real carrots" last week...sick of the weird tasting ones.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

The @ thing comes from twitter. I don't like it either.

OK, fair enough on estrogen central versus testosterone central. I still owe you an answer to the age limit question. Check back soon and you'll find it. Hopefully the answer doesn't put me in the Rabid Don't Like Me camp, because I really, really want one of those beanies.

Becca said...

I think you should get off your ass and go somewhere with me next week--lunch perhaps? Or better yet breakfast on Thursday because I have no little friends hanging on me on Thursday mornings! But I will only go if you do your hair.

And I am feeling the remorse of loosing my 5 year old too. Six isn't as fun, they hit first grade when that happens, and in my experience, first grade changes them. Six is sad!

rabidrunner said...

Rad Rae... it's sticking. You will forever be Rad Rae.

Becca you're on. And I promise to do my hair. That isn't promising much, but I'll "do" the hair. I remember now that our 5 year-olds are a day apart. So wish your youngster a happy birthday.

Rae Lynne said...
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Winder said...

I love the fact that in the photos of the Yahoos #2 has bits of rice and other items around his plate and #1 appears to be spotless. Just pointing out this little difference. I love the Yahoos and all the unique things about them.