Friday, January 22, 2010

The Quarterly Running Post

Today's post is mostly about running.  If you aren't interested in a read about running, then you might want to just skip me today altogether.  If you do decide to skip today's post, I won't blame you.  Not one bit for I find talk of running, rather um... repetitious and mundane.

I run a bit.  I enjoy it a lot.  But I don't necessarily like talking or reading about it.  Sound strange?  Prolly.  But you know, there isn't much to talk about when it comes to running.  You can talk shoes, miles, pace, hills, speedwork and that's about it.  Do you know how many running blogs I read?  Not-a-one.  Mostly because these running blogs try to turn every dang run and it's accompanying post into a life-changing, earth-shattering, save-the-world, deep-thought phenomenon.  Sometimes running is just running.   I find it refreshing that running can be just running.

Cycling on the other hand is interesting to read about. I like to read blogs from cyclists.  Cyclists tend to be more entertaining because they know how to write and have witty banter.  And they have gear that is rad.  And they don't consider every ride an epic event.  I read the Fatcyclist and through this Fatcyclist found Skibikejunkie and Dug.  This world is so very small.  Turns out the Fatty is dating a friend of a friend and Skibikejunkie was a Leadville proxy for my broken femur friend.  Then there's Dug... I used to work with Dug but I don't think he knows that.  Come to think of it, I don't think he knows I exist.  I'm that forgettable. 

Anyway, shall we talk about running now?

I'm off to run a race this weekend.  It's a dumb race that I do every year so that I can get a guaranteed entry into a dumber, longer race.  As luck would have it, I'm recovering from a sinus infection.  So obviously the race will be thrown out with the bath water before I even start it.  For some reason, however, I'm having trouble conceding to this one.

Here's the deal:  I want a marathon PR this year.  Badly.  So badly do I want this Marathon PR that I'm seeing stars and might consider reading a running blog or two if I thought it will help.  (Now that's a serious case of the Marathon PR blues.)

I've got a few mental hangups, however.  For example, I'm feeling as if the result of this goofy half marathon will decide how the rest of the year will go.  My all-or-nothing logic has decided that if I do bad in this race, the marathon PR is a bust.  (Bad is relative by the way.  My bad is someone else's good and my bad is another someone ele'se worst.  Oh... and I realize that my use of  "bad" was grammatically incorrect.)

I'm also a bit bent that the snow has finally descended upon us and I'm going to St. George to run in the rain.  I wish I were staying here to ski.  Actually, I'm more than a bit bent.  I'm a lot bent.   Hopefully I'll get to see Jessica and that will make up for not skiing.  Right, Jessica?

Again, back to running.  I have other mental hangups as well.  Like I'm thinking that if I do great, I'll turn into a head case like some of the other people I know who have knocked the socks off of their own Marathon PRs.  Suddenly running becomes everything and that's all they talk about.  That's all they do and they start to think they're better than everyone else and their self-esteem rests upon their race times.  It's a tragedy really.  Running is great, but not 24/7 great.   Deep down, I think that meeting my "Goal" will turn me into a head case about running (as opposed to the head case I am currently, about other stuff).  I don't want to be a running head case.

On second thought, as you might have figured out already on your own because you're smart, it's quite obvious from the above paragraphs that I'm already a running head case.

Now how do I fix this?  How do I fix all these hang-ups?  Where are my friends in the Psych Grad School?  Can you help me with that?  I really think I'm afraid of success.  I'm comfy with Mediocrity.

So, with you reading me bare my running soul, I've created a Marathon PR attack list.

Here's what I need to do:
  • Run faster.   Duh.  I want a coach, though.  Anyone know a coach?
  • Learn to love pain.  I don't even like pain, so how do I learn to love it.  I'm the first girl asking for an epidural when it comes to baby birthing.  And for running?  I like a cozy endurance pace.  That's why my 5k and marathon pace are the same.  Running Brother Bruce says I have "Cruise Control."
  • Eat better.  Like no more Nutella and powdered sugar sandwhiches.  
  • Stretch more.  It's too bad I don't have time for two yoga classes a week.  Too bad.
  • Start the weekly Suncrest climb earlier.  Normally I start the Suncrest beast in May.  Maybe I should start next week.
  • Build me a stronger trunk.  Not the elephant trunk, not the traveling truck, but the trunk that holds my guts.
  • Lose 10 pounds.  This one hurts.  I prefer that weight loss be a side affect of recreation and not the other way around. 
  • Develop a powerstride that puts the shuffle to rest.  I shuffle.  Without any power.  I need power and I need a stride.  None of this weekling shuffle crap. 
  • Believe in myself.
Piece of cake, right?  Right?  RIGHT?!


The MacMizzles said...

Go get 'er

Jessica said...

You will get to see me. At least twice. When you pass me. But I don't know if that makes up for not skiing.

Although, Sundance Film Festival will still be going on next week, so I'm thinking the resorts my be a little emptier. Seeing as how everyone will be watching movies.

By the way, I believe in you! You can definitely do this.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I mentioned you to dug the other day. His response "I think I used to work with her." So there.

BTW, did you work with him when the mouse out of the house ordeal went down? Cuz if you did, that would be awesome.

Lars said...

Rabid my dear, do you swim? I could tell you how to build a stronger trunk in no time if you do...great cross training for running and biking too.

Winder said...

Ok, Here comes a lecture from The Winder. Be careful. Don't start any beastly workouts before you are sure your body is ready. If you do there will be no PR maybe ER. Also, watch how quickly you loose the 10 lbs. Muscle is good. Trust me! Not that you are stupid just telling you, cuz I Love You!.

As for the powerstride, trunk, speed, and coaching. I can take care of some of that. We need to quiet being slacker friends and deal with it. I have copious amounts of knowledge in these areas. Let's put it to use.

For anyone else reading this you may think I'm arrogant with the above comments. If you do it is true you don't know me.

Have fun tomorrow! That is the best thing you can do with a non-important race when you are sick. All Done.

Winder said...

that was supposed to be quit not quiet.

Becca said...

I have a solution for your dilemma tomorrow. Come run the slacker's race with me! No pressure for a good time means you will have a fun weekend and you won't turn into head case. (Or a bigger head case as the case may be). Switch races at packet pick up--I dare you!

As for the to do list, I think you took most of it straight from my brain to your computer screen. I totally get it.

Hopefully I get to see you for a minute or two this weekend.

The MacMizzles said...

I just got Jillian Michael's Circuit training cards. It literally made my head spin. I entered the gym with dry hair and left soaking wet...I lost 7 pounds in two work outs. Maybe you should try it out.

rabidrunner said...

Dug remembers me! I feel so validated. Sadly, I wasn't privy to the joke on Dug but those were the good ol' days when practical jokes were part of the job description.

Lars I have no time for learning a new skill, for swimming would require a new skill. It sounds intriguing though... and then I'd get into that triathlon craze.

Winder, you've been threatening to coach me for years. I s'pose it's time to put your money where your mouth is, eh? I'll bet you're expensive, what with being an All American superstar who took 8th in nationals and have since discovered that 4 of those 7 above you have now been stripped of their metals for the juice. Ewe. The only thing more disgusting that dudes on the juice is chicks on the juice.

MacMizzles girl, shall I come up and watch Jillian yell at you or should I join in the fun? Prolly just watch and start yelling too because you'd like for two people to yell at you, yes?

I saw Becca and Jessica today. We had some chats.

Lars said...

Well when you feel like jumping on the triathlon train let me know...if we ever meet up for a bloodie retreat I can teach you to swim, skillfully that is.

Sparks said...

Winder is so totally arrogant.

rabidrunner said...

Oh you cannot imagine the magnitude of the Winder's puffed up arrogance. But she earned it and deserves it and I find it hysterically entertaining.

Winder said...

Thanks for the love Rabid!

Sparks said...

I think I need to know more. I'm finding The Self intrigued.

Anonymous said...

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