Sunday, January 24, 2010

Potatoes, Saints & Geeks

This weekend, I jammed the Dyke Mobile with five of the wackiest chicks I could find and took 'em to run a race in Saint George, Utah.  Saint George (also known as St. George) is a city named after a pioneer called George.  Back in "the day," this George figured out that potato skins held all the nutrients of the potato and instructed his fellow pioneers to make sure and eat the skins or else.  It's a sad story, really for George discovered this little known pioneer fact after he had lost his entire family to malnutrition.  See George thought he was doing his little family a service by eating the skins and giving the white fluffy stuff to the rest of them.  Turns out George got the nutrients, the family did not.  George would spend his life educating others about the importance of tater skins.

They called this George guy the Potato Saint.

This information was taken from the car ride home wherein my Olympic Hopedful friend told us this tale.  It's not on the Saint George wikipedia page, so I kind of question its validity.  Olympic Hopedful just might be pulling it from you-know-where just like the Rabid is known to pull stuff from you-know-where.  I see now why we are friends...

As an aside, I looked up "potato saint george" on wikipedia and you know the first thing to pop up?  Funeral potatoes.  Do Funeral potatoes honestly deserve a wiki entry? And who's brain fart developed this funeral potato recipe?  As if funerals are not bad enough, they hand you potato slop and call it food.  Not to mention there aren't any skins in funeral potatoes.  People need the skins or else... there just might be another funeral.

Anyway, while in Saint George, I had the pleasure of lunch with Jessica.  Jessica is a great sport.  I sent her a little text message asking if she was up for lunch.  She said sure and joined the five wacky chicks (four of which were wacky strangers) for Mongolian barbecue.

We were getting acquainted.  Jessica hails from downtown Los Angeles.  We're middle-town Utah folk and don't necessarily relate to L.A., so naturally we ask questions about her living situation.  The conversation ended up on the famous people of L.A. and who of these famous people she has seen in the flesh.

Jessica lists the famous people she has seen, then ended with, "Oh! I've seen Aragorn, but I cannot remember his real name.  What's his real name?"

"Strider!"  I yelled.  Then we laughed big-belly, slap-your-knee laughs while the other four just stared blankly. 

See friends, that is why the blog world is so very wonderful.  The geeks find each other.  And then they hook up now and again and share geek jokes.  It's absolutely, positively wonderful.


Sparks said...

She couldn't remember? And her blog is called Put Aside the Ranger?

I'd never forget Viggo. He should know that about me.

rabidrunner said...

I'm sure Viggo knows that about you Megan. Jessica did eventually remember Viggo's name. We must cut her some slack for she had just finished her first half marathon. She rocked it too!

For the record, Jessica doesn't look like geek. She's refined, well-spoken and adorable.

The petulant ninny said...

Just to clarify,
are you referring to Aragorn II son of Arathorn II son of Arador son of Argonui son of Arathorn I son of Arassuil son of Arahad II son of Aravorn son of Aragost son of Arahad I son of Araglas son of Aragorn I son of Aravir son of Aranuir son of Arahael son of Aranarth son of Arvedui son of Araphant son of Araval son of Arveleg II son of Arvegil son of Argeleb II son of Araphor son of Arveleg I son of Argeleb I son of Malvegil son of Celebrindor son of Celepharn son of Mallor son of Beleg son of Amlaith son of Earendur son of Elendur son of Valandur son of Tarondor son of Tarcil son of Arantar son of Eldacar son of Valandil son of Isildur son of Elendil (the Tall) who of course was the son of Amandil who was descended from Valandil son of Silmarien son of Tar-Elendil who descended from Elros himself who (as if I need to mention) is the son of Earendil and Elwing.

So is that the guy we are talking about?

rabidrunner said...

Now if that isn't a nerdgasm... nothing is.

Jessica said...

I love that everyone thinks I'm adorable. Like a puppy.

@Sparks: I should be slightly embarrASSed shouldn't I? Glad Rabid makes excuses for me.

I did remember his real name, but most of the ladies were in the ladies room. So they didn't witness my memory kicking in.

@Ninny: I think I love you.

Sparks said...

Did we just get a sample of Rabidrunner/Rabidspouse hot talk?

Staci said...

Ninny--Are you serious? That's some impressive b-s-. Maybe you should run for office. . . . just sayin'.

Anyway, I was told the story about the potatoes while at Brigham Young's winter home in St. George. The "caretaker" (read: really old missionary) was giving us historical anecdotes. I still wouldn't say that means it's neccesarily true but at least I didn't make it up myself.

Winder said...

That post from the ninny shows you don't have to blog to find geeks. Sometimes they are right in front of your face. That is why I love Rabid and Ninny they are some of the few who can put up with my random personality.

Lars said...

How long did it take Ninny to research all of that?