Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Damon Is So Hot Right Now!

I cannot contain myself. Damon is so hot right now!



Who is this Damon person? It's Damon Lindelof, writer for Lost.
He gives me giant nerdgasms.



Rae Lynne said...

"Giant Nergasms" ?! I just love the things you say and the way you say them. Oh the laughter I get from your blog... much appreciated!

Mandee said...

I am worried about how you are going to handle post Lost life. Do you watch Flash Forward?

bendone said...

You are suppose to save those nerdgasms for rabidhubby.

Sparks said...

That second picture looks like you took it. Like you were stalking him at the Denver airport or something.

rabidrunner said...

Mandee, thanks for the tip. However I believe I've eaten all of my couch time for at least five years and should give up the TV for a while after season 6 ends.

Ben, the Spouse and I have an open relationship when it comes to nerdgasms. You should know that! You shared an office with him.

And Sparks, I WISH I took that picture. That would mean Damon was giving me the Vulcan.

M-Cat said...

The Yankees hat had me.

rookie cookie said...

Not only is Damon so hot right now, he is also smoking crack right now. The way that show goes, it must be written by crack smokers.

Jessica said...

Nerdgasms are the best. That Damon is awesome. And much hotter than Sawyer, you're right.

Rookie - you act like a show written by crack smokers is a bad thing!

Lars said...

I have a thing for baldies....I won't allow myself to get lost in Lost till after May 10 though....not a season....sigh. I may have to avoid your blog and Jessica's if there are spoilers.