Friday, January 08, 2010

The Broken Watch, Repaired Life Metaphor

I guess you're wondering what is up with all the nostalgia this week. Maybe you don't feel like I'm obsessing over the past, but the truth is: I'm obsessing over my past and it's all due to the fact that my watch broke.


Now why would a broken watch cause me to "trip down mammary lane?"

This watch was given to me on June 20, 1997. You might want to remember that date because it's my birthday and you won't get a reminder for I am not facebook. Jimmy (the ex) gave me this watch on that June 20, 1997 date, just before telling me he loved someone else. As in "Happy birthday. Here's a watch. And by the way, I'm cheating on you."

Isn't that a sad, pathetic story? Did you just sigh in that "oh bless her heart" kind of way? Is your heart full of pity?

Well if you did sigh, or fill that heart full of pity, don't. That June 20, 1997 was a day of jubilee! A day for celebration for it was the beginning of the end. A day for, "well good, let someone else deal with your sh** now."

I kept the watch. It's a rather expensive and nice watch. Not one of those cheap one-battery types you toss aside after a while. Mostly I kept the watch because it was presented around the time that the gangrenous limb of my life was amputated. Lucky for me, that limb was let loose before the disease could be spread. (Which could mean a lot of things... like it's great that the marriage didn't present any fruits or the fact that I escaped without a drug problem. Or the fact that the cops didn't come get us both because of whatever shady operation he had running from the house. Or the fact that I was alive. Okay I'm revealing too much and will stop now.)

That watch has become a symbol of my second chance; a giant reminder not to blow it.

The watch is now dead, however. Does this mean I no longer need the reminder? Does this mean I've passed the probationary period? Have I finally graduated? Prolly. But what it really means is that Spouse should get me a new watch for our 10-year anniversary that just so happens to be around the corner.

Now if that ain't poetic, nothin' is.


(Spouse, just in case you're reading, I'd like a Citizen Eco Drive in stainless with crystal non-scratch glass and water resistant to at least 100 meters. That will do 'til we turn 20.)


Lars said...

Huh, never thought of relationships in the aspect of turning ages, as in growing up like a kid or a puppy. Interesting. Enjoyed the post. Have enjoyed all the penned and published words of Rabid this week.

The MacMizzles said...

I love this post. But I don't think you need a reminder anymore...I think you remind others...

SeƱora H-B said...

I have a Citizen Eco Drive. I love it with all of my heart.

Celeste said...

ooohhh I have one of those. Not the watch, but a reminder, a thank goodness I escaped that one alive thing. A picture of me & my ex coming out of the temple on our wedding day. I look nothing short of glorious & he looks like he just stepped in a big pile of dookie. Which would be difficult for him to do considering that would involve stepping directly on his own face & he was never that flexible. Anyway, it's the only picture of him I have left & I have it framed on my wall of "things I never imagined in a million years I'd do" in my office. good times. keep your watch. perhaps our children can learn from our drama. cuz if they don't... geez that was a waste.

Julie said...

Yep, you graduated. The past is dead, just like the watch, meaning it is now time for the "forgetting" that comes with "forgiving."

Here's hoping you get your awesome future watch and and I am very much looking forward to a metaphor about that.

April said...

De-lurking to say: I once told the woman my ex-husband cheated on me with (and then married) that I needed to send her a thank you card.
He's currently serving a three year to life prison sentence. Ahhhh, karma. Love your blog.