Friday, January 15, 2010

Ample Atmosphere

Get a load of this e-mail that came in the e-mail box the other day:  "We are looking at renting the same place at Big Sky at the same rate as we paid last time. So far, the dates that are looking the best are Jan 27-31.   Are you interested at all?"


Am I interested at all?!  Am I interested at all?!  I'm ALL interested.  However, "interested" must come with "able" and it's looking like we are not "able."  Spouse and I are up to our eyeballs in our jobs and will not be able to join them this year.  At breakfast today, Spouse informed the Yahoos that we would be unable to join the two funnest families around for northern style skiing.  The news produced tears and snarls and complaints and on-the-floor body-thrashing complete with fists and kicks. 

Two years ago, on those somewhat exact dates, our family and two others ventured north to the Fat Firmament of Montana.  It's a lovely place.  The house we rented was bigger than the homes of all three families combined and its location was just yards from a ski lift.  It was a cozy ski-in-ski-out arrangement.  No dragging the gear to the car to drive to a parking lot.  No dressing in the car and no hiking to the chair lift.  'Twas sweet.  We played games until late, ate like kings and skied 'til we couldn't see no more.



On this trip, there were six adults and six kids.  Each adult would take a 1/2 day to babysit and would therefore leave each adult to enjoy 2.5 days of blissful skiing on the biggest, longest, giantest ski resort in the world (at least in my world anyway.)  There is a run on this mountain that is ten miles long.  Ten miles!  We even had a GPS to verify the authenticity of this ten mile run.

Whoever had the morning shift, would get the kiddies all geared up and ready to go so as everyone could make a few runs after lunch.  Then whoever had the afternoon shift would take the kiddies home to play their computer games and whatnot.



Here we are... 5 adults, 6 kids.  Everyone but me.  
You can't image the planet alignment necessary for this group photo.

On the last trip, Spouse and I turned eight and Yahoo #2 turned four.


Now excuse me while I drown my sorrows in a Nutella and powdered sugar sandwich.


Winder said...

Bummer, I wish you could go. Maybe someday Delmar, Maniac and I can invade one such trip. Yes, that is inviting myself on a future not yet existing trip.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Nutella and powdered sugar? Why didn't I think of that?

'Twould still take more (much more) than that to drown the sorrow of missing just such a trip. I'm sorry for your loss. Not that living in Utah and skiing locally sucks in any way, shape, or form.

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry. While I don't fully understand the allure of snow sports, those pictures are somewhat convincing. Especially the kids in their tiny skiis. Cute.

I hope the sandwich helps you feel better. It's whole wheat bread, right? Since this is your cheat day it seems.

Lars said...

Ah how I love bordering Montana and being able to skip on over to Glacier within an hour or two. Do you watch ski movies? If so I should let you borrow mi favorito so I can further entice you to visit Alaska. Steep mountains and wonderful snow. Although they can't use the phrase "Greatest Snow on Earth" because it is trademarked by the state of Utah it is bountiful and the sites are appealing.

Sorry your ski fun is a no go...hope you have finally broken in your ski passes this season. Although if I recall right from when I lived there all the good skiing is in late January and February, at least that is how it was at Snowbasin.

Staci said...

I didn't know it was your anniversary!! Happy 10th. You made it ten years.

I don't know if that blissful ski trip will ever be exactly duplicated, you know. Some things only come around once. The rest of the time you have to make new memories, I guess.

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