Thursday, December 10, 2009

Running To Stand The Chill

NatTheFatRat asked about running in the cold. She asked how I don't get frostbite. Well Nat, the truth is I have been bitten by the frost, but it wasn't from running. I received localized damage to the big toe extremity of my left foot while snowshoeing. The two-year anniversary of the Great Frostbite is just around the corner. Even now, that toe is the first thing to scream at me when it gets cold.

Here's a photo of that extremity at its grossest:

running,frostbit toe

Another, even lovelier view of the toe can be found here.

Yesterday morning, the gang and I went running again! This time, the degrees Fahrenheit was -1. MINUS ONE. That is cold. But I was prepared. As can be explained in detail here:


Look at what happens to my fabulous eyelashes when the temperature has dropped so low that even a witches you-know-what seems warm.


Cool, huh? 'Cept someone needs to wax their chin.


Becca said...

You're a braver woman than I am...I've been hitting the treadmill all week!

Sparks said...

Thoughts: your foot made me gag. You must really love running if you're willing to put all that gear on (sounds insane). I love your eyelashes. And your chin.

Jessica said...

Um, I just got scared. Really scared.

not by your chin, just to clarify. By the cold.

Lars said...

Telling you Rabid dear toe warmers. They adhere to the sock and are amazing.

I dig the eyelashes. Your earlobes looks super cold.

megan said...

Oo!Oo! I knew the witches saying!! its a common one around these parts!!

NatTheFatRat said...

Ahh this is what I get for asking. That toe is AWESOME.

I went out the other day all bundled up except I left on my dress socks and I very nearly lost both feet. The whole run I was dreaming of air proof shoes. Can you imagine if such things existed? How bad they'd smell? How warm your toes would be?

Thanks for the answer, Rabid. A whole post! You sure can make a girl feel special.

Ryan said...

...yeah, and the tip of their nose.

i'll think of you next time i'm running. in san diego. in the gym. watching ishtar. drinking a margarita.

natalie, i, too, had that brilliant idea when i was young and curious. what i didn't realize until too late was that cold weather + air/water proofed shoes = warm toes = sweaty toes = wet feet = elfing cold feet. that was not a fun day of skiing. (i may try it again someday with better absorption)

Rae Lynne said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.

That toe was scary! You are one dedicated chica!

I just barely started to like running and I can't imagine going through all THAT. The lash and fuzz-cicles are hard core!

P.S. I find your blog to be very entertaining, so thanks for the amusement.

Tia said...

Cool, very cool. I mean cold. Eight degrees was the limit for me, and when I could not feel my face I decided treadmills were invented for good reason. But still! You go girl! You inspire me! And who knows... you may start a trend with white mascera. :)

Ryan said...

oh, and enjoyed the play on words. do you ever watch spectacle on sundance? bono/edge were this season's premiere guests last wed.

The MacMizzles said...

This is a perfect demonstration of hardcore. There are people who exercise (like me) to stay sane and somewhat in shape and then there are the people like you who are serious.

Speaking of serious, you should make sure that you trademark this look. I have a feeling that some makeup company might catch on to this winter goddess look at take all the right of financial gain away from you.

Just sayin.

Maybe you won't need to wax. Maybe it will get so cold that hair decides never to grow again...on your chin. Okay, time for me to be hardcore.

rabidrunner said...

A few things:
The foot foto was added to produce gagging. 'Twas on purpose.

The cold is like kinky, it's only scary the first time. And toe warmers are a great idea.

Welcome Rae Lynn! Running rocks. It just does. I say the more who run, the merrier. And even still, the more who come around the the merrier!

Tia, you can run below 8. Seriously, once you hit 9, going any colder doesn't matter. It's like once you have 6 kids, one more doesn't make a difference. (Not that I'm speaking from experience.)

I'm more stupid than hard core Ms McMillan, but thanks anyway for the sentiment. In regards to the trademark frosted eyelash thing, do you know an attorney?

And Ryan! You are so wise and observant. I'm glad someone caught my U2 play on the title.

Rae Lynne said...

My SIL has 6 kids and she says that all the time! She also says that everyone should try for twins. Me thinks she's slightly wacky, but love her none the less. So funny you said that.

Julie said...

I just barfed a little. And I envy your lashes, frozen or otherwise.