Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Phone Vacation

The phone is broke.

Yip, you heard me right. Not broken, but broke. If you have phoned our home within the last few days you received a busy. The phone is broke.

'Tis a shame, right? Not really.

We are not one of those houses that has several receivers and phones. We are a house that has one receiver and a few phones assigned to it. (On the same frequency, whatever.) Since the receiver has gone kaput, we have no phone.

Today, Yahoo and I were out shopping. While rummaging at the Costco for stuff we don't need, Spouse phoned with news that I had purchased him a Christmas present. New goggles, to be exact - ones that will fit over his spectacles. (I guess you need to see when you ski.) I returned the gesture by telling him that he bought me a new coat. A red pee coat with delicately gathered sleeves. We're each others own personal shopper, you know. Handy.

While on the phone with Spouse, he reminded me of the phone that's broke. Mentioned that it might be a good idea to pick up one.

Drat. The phone vacation is nearing its end. During this vacation, no one called because they need something, no one disturbed my important tax form implementation to sell me something, grant me a free night's stay anywhere or beg a hundred or two for charity. No one called to take "just a few minutes" of my time to answer "a few" questions.

I see now why Daddy still has no phone.


Sparks said...

I momentarily freaked out 'cause I thought you meant your iPhone broke. Like you dropped it in the toilet or something.

But you would have said that the mePhone broke. And you didn't say that.

So I recovered quickly.

Jessica said...

I haven't had a home phone for at least 5 years. It's awesome. But Esposo likes to give church people my cell number instead of his, so it's kinda like I have a home phone. That I take with me.

Lars said...

I silence the house phone. The only reason there is a house phone is because the security system is connected to it. I am a firm believer that any phone call over two minutes is a waste of breath and brain cells, at least in regards to most people. Hold strong to the cause and wait till after the holidays.

Sparks said...

Lara, I'm going to call you for a nice, long conversation.

Lars said... hate the phone as much as me I bet.

Jessica said...

and, she doesn't have your number.

but I do....

mwah ha ha ha ha ha

Lars said...

Would you talk to me longer than two minutes? Go for it...I'll test can be the next phase and foundation in our relationship.

Jessica said...

I wouldn't do it, only because I know you consider it torture. And I don't want to torture you.