Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not Wally and Beaver

Today, Yahoo #2 arrived home from school (via carpool, three cheers for carpool), and announced: "My Teacher cried today."

"Oh yeah?
How come?" Said I.

"Because she wanted to read a book and the kids were talkin', talkin', talkin'! But not me. I was the only one being quiet."


If by chance you are ever feeling as if your job is unbearable punishment or torture disguised by income, if by chance you are feeling as if you cannot take another minute of your job's duties let alone another day, I want you to come talk to me. I will take you to Yahoo #2's Kindergarten class. And then you and I can see, rather clearly, why that poor Teacher cried today. We might also see that few jobs are as tough as that of a Kindergarten Teacher.

I don't know what it is, but that Kindergarten class is freakishly out of control. I swear it's some bizarre space-alien experiment straight out of Sector 13. I've done some classroom observations in my days and no amount of mischief, mutiny or misbehavior comes close to Yahoo #2's Kindergarten class. She's a great Teacher and she's working hard.

I want to believe that Yahoo #2 and his Girlfriends are not adding to the perplexity of that poor teacher's situation. Our crew of four seem rather well behaved when we are there. But you never know.

I think a certain Teacher will get some very certain flowers from a certain blogger that runs. That Teacher might also get a certain flowery note that gushes appreciation.

Certain of it.


Lars said...

This just shows you are an amazing mom dear Rabid...this is in response to when you were feeling flustered a few months ago, November I believe. I would dig through the archives but I am being naughty at my internship and reading your blog.....that is the long ay of saying I don't have the time to dig through the archives.

tom lindsey said...

Very nice of you.

My wife has cried many times, though not in class-- she usually saves that for the ride home.

Sparks said...

Kids suck.

But not yours, of course.

Jessica said...

That age range is rough. I can handle babies and teenagers. Anything in between is scary.

You're nice to send her flowers. I'm guessing it'll make her cry. In a good way.

Winder said...

Kindergarten is tough. That is why I could only do it for 1 year. I can't imagine what I would have done if I'd had a class like Yahoo's. The flowers will make her month.

Be sure to have them sent to the office first. That way every other teacher and secretary will oogle over them before they get to her. Trust me it makes getting them even better.

Jessica said...

Looks like Winder is an awesome teacher, since it appears she knows the flower-receiving routine....

The MacMizzles said...

I'm thinking you should pick a flower to represent each kid in the know then it will have some thorns, some smelly ones, and daisys of course.

Rae Lynne said...

I hear ya. I've been helping out in my 1st grader's class and it is easy to see she needs and appreciates it SO MUCH.

I think what you're doing is a rare and beautiful thing.

Julie said...

This makes me cry.


rabidrunner said...

Here's the saddest of it all. This is not a new teacher. This is a woman who has been teaching the kindee-garteners for many years. She appears to have been through IT ALL. 'Cept what she was thrown this year...

The plot also thickens.. the Teacher was in a car accident on the way to school Friday and was taken to the hospital. She hurt her shoulder pretty badly but nothing was injured seriously. I presume she's feeling banged up from that. Her son is also getting married. I rounded up the flowers and marched in only to discover that she was off for her son's marriage.

Will try again on Mondee!

Anonymous said...

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