Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Many Welcomes to the Home

At the Salt Lake Airport after 41 hours of travel.

We made it! And we are trashed for many reasons. Actually, it's only one reason. But that one reason has a way of infiltrating normalness on three entities. That reason?


Spouse developed a gut-bug around hour 7 of our trip home. By the time we reached our beloved doorstep, the total trip was 42 hours. If you do the math, that is 35 blissful hours of gut-bug growing, complete with chilly sweats and the full on Gungie Coyote. The specific origin of this gut-bug is unknown. I am blaming the salad Spouse ate the night before.


The second reason? VIRUS. Yours truly has developed a similar gut-bug. It didn't hit me until today just after I returned home from my, uh hem... run. The specific origin of my gut-bug is unknown. I was pretty meticulous about consuming only bottled water and HOT food. GAK told us not to eat any uncooked fruits or veggies and I followed his orders.

The third reason? VIRUS. The Nameless Laptop brought home a nice little Indian Style virus complete with dialogs in Hindi. I know where it came from. It was the blasted thumb drive that belonged to one of our new friends in India. I shared photos with the thumb drive. The thumb drive shared back. Pissed isn't a sufficient word to describe my feelings right now.

Spouse is working on the laptop as we speak... between trips to the loo.

On the bright side, we were greeted last night by many a welcome. Specifically, we were embraced with a welcome home sign, Christmas lights on the house, and hugs all around. My neighborhood gets the Best Neighborhood In The World award. They truly are the best. (And no we don't currently have any openings, but if you're interested, kindly send me a detailed resume and we'll see what we can do.)


As mentioned earlier, I have plenty of material from the trip, so don't go away! It must wait however, because there are a few things that are more important. Such as:

1) Laundry
2) Milk
3) Staying near the bathroom
4) Sorting the mail
5) More laundry


rjmatheson said...

Welcome Home, Amber. I'm sorry you're not well. As far as your todo list, Linda and I looked at a home in our area that had a toilet right in the laundry room. That was too ICK for me. But now I see that it was functional.

I'd apply for the neighbor spot, but I wouldn't qualify. :(

Hope you feel better soon.

Ryan said...

welcome home! hope you're feeling better soon (bed at home should help accelerate that process).

Don LaVange said...

welcome back to the land of sickness and bad air.

For that other topic, maybe you should get a mac.

Ryan said...

or you could consider pen and paper. fewer viruses still.

GAK said...

Yea, welcome back. I hope you didn't touch the monkey (not a metaphor). I forgot to tell you about that one.

rabidrunner said...

Funny funny 'bout the laundry room with a toilet. Very funny. My house isn't big enough to wish for a toilet in the laundry room, however.

And funny that Don should bring up The Mac. I had just said that to Spouse moments before your comment. In fact I was doing some verbal I-fart-in-your-general-direction towards Bill Gates. Spouse, bless his heart, went into a lengthy discussion of how great windows can be when it's in the hands of people who don't want to hurt or rule the world. To this I went on my don't-you-know-the-history-of-the-world diatribe that explains how mankind has historically been after hurting and ruling the world. The history of India proves this point rather nicely.

The pen and paper is not virus free either. I'm sure many a flu and cold bug are transferred via pen and paper.

Gak, I didn't touch the Monkeys. Or any other living creature. You told me not to touch the dogs so I figured the monkeys were just as filthy.

Jessica said...

Welcome back. Sorry you are sick. At least you're home, though. Something about being sick in your own home feels better.

Lars said...

Happy Homecoming! Hopefully it isn't coming out both ends. Never fun when it is coming out both ends.