Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jocular Jeering

A while back, Yahoo #1 arrived home from school. He was in a playful mood. I asked how school was and he responded with, "Wonderful. Just wonderful."

"What was so wonderful about it?" I inquired with speculation, intrigue and wanton ears.

"We learned about alliterations today. Wanna hear one? Billions of bucks bought bitter butter."

In the which I dropped my jaw and nearly messed myself. My first born is echoing euphemisms with commencing consonants. Yahoo #1 is marshaling his message with parallel pronouncements!

I like alliterations. A lot. Actually scratch that. I love alliterations. One might say that my alliterations are obnoxiously overdone and that I've flooded my following with foolishness.

I dare you to find a post that doesn't have an alliteration. Most of 'em do. And when I'm perfectly proud of one of these alliterative achievements, I add the "alliteration" label to it. Wanna read some alliterations? Go to the and click "allterations" under "labels" on the left.
(Or you can click here.)

My first born has learned the art of alliterating and I dare say he's even on his way to liking it. Oh the joy! Yahoo #1 might as well be captain of the football team, a concert pianist, state cross country champ, a renowned heart surgeon and president of the United States all at once.

Oh the joy!

To top off the tantalizing triumph of his new phonetically fun phrasing, Yahoo #1 wasn't done making a splash with me. "Mom?" He says. "What is witty banter?"

Oh be still my heart.



Lars said...

Oh Blessed be! What a proud day indeed Rabid. I am more thrilled over the witty banter than the alliterations but I do know that you love those dearly. I love myself some witty can only hope it passes along to yahoo two. Just think of the conversing around your dinner table.....

Jessica said...

Looks like Yahoo #1 gave you his Christmas present early this year. Did the angels sing too (after you almost messed yourself)?

Winder said...

A good book that will help the Yahoo's love alliterations is "Marty and the Mango" it is filled with them. One of my favorites for sure.

I would let you borrow it. Cept I currently don't own it. I had to leave it behind when I quit.

Anonymous said...

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