Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dancing In The Dark

This morning, at the hour of Way Early, I stumbled out of bed and dressed myself.

If one plans ahead, one can set aside clothing and whatnot for the dressings of this Way Early hour. This allows for two things: A) one can get ten more minutes of sleep and B) one can dress in the dark so as not to disturb Spouse's mandatory 10 hours of sleep. (Nightly.)

On this particular Tuesday at Way Early o'clock, I had plans to drive myself to the gymnasium (also referred to as "The Gym"), climb aboard a stationary bike and ride it in the dark while some washed-up cheerleader plays her techno and yells at me to go faster. (Which don't get me started on that one because no matter how fast I go, it's a stationary bike and I will stay in the same place. Hence the term stationary. "Faster" might not be the right thing to scream. Just sayin'.)

This practice is commonly referred to as Spinning. As in Sit and Spin.

(Okay, not really. That euphemism means something entirely different.)

Here's what Wikipedia says about Spinning: "Indoor cycling, as an organized activity, is a form of high-intensity exercise that involves using a stationary exercise bicycle in a classroom setting."

Now that you're schooled on Spinning, here's a photo of me Spinning:


Just kidding. That clock is a dead giveaway. Way Early is never at 1:00. That girl's chest is also a dead giveaway. Hello boobs!

Anyway, this Spinning thing is something I do in the winter months to avoid some discomfort. Discomforts like cold. And wind. And the dark. I figure that if I'm going to exercise in the dark it might as well be in a sweaty room with others while a washed-up cheerleader plays her techno and yells at me to go faster.

On this particular Tuesday, I was a bit distracted. Spouse and given me a pair of SPD pedals and cleats to replace those blasted Rabid Beaters I had grown to detest. The cycles at the gymnasium have SPD hook-ups. This is so that those of us Avid Cycle Clods can put on fancy shoes and look the part.

So on this particular Tuesday, equipped with my Cycle Clod wannabe shoes and SPD cleats, I moseyed my way into the gymnasium. Once out of the darkness and into the light, I looked down to this:


That's two different pairs of shoes. One's a Mizuno. The other's a Brooks.

Clod is right.

They're both running shoes though. Shouldn't that count for something? And shouldn't it count for even more because I made it four miles on those mismatched bad boys?


Winder said...


Julie said...


I did this, 'cept it was church. One shoe was black, the other brown.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I've seen your marathon times, but since I don't know you, I was all ready to believe that you and those boobs covered 26.2 miles in threeish hours, which would be impressive. You could have never filled me in and I'd be none the wiser.

Jessica said...

You ran to the gym whilst carrying the pedals and cleats? And on mismatched shoes? You're awesomer than I thought.

Lars said...

What do you prefer to hear in the dark Rabid? "Harder, better, faster, stronger?"

Is it sad that I picked out the Mizuno shoe before I even read on....love me some Mizuno's..

The MacMizzles said...

Fantastic! I think you should do it on purpose next time! throw in mismatched socks? You'll be the talk of the town.

rjmatheson said...

Linda does this, um, frequently. When she gets up at o-dark-hundred (we're on military time here, slacker!) to go swimming. However, since Linda is loyal to Mizuno, she doesn't mix Brooks and Mizunos, unless she grabbed mine (shoes I mean).

Ryan said...

hmm. i'm not convinced these are both your feet. or is tying just one double knot some kind of superstitious thing?

rabidrunner said...

So Ryan, I know your a detail person and have known that for a while. But even now, your orientation for detail surprises me!

I'm half asleep for at least 30 minutes once I roll out of bed. This is good for running, because you can sometimes make it two miles before waking up.