Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tune (Vol 19)

Happy For No Reason

Today's Tuesday Tune is:
Drown in the Now - The Crystal Method featuring Matisyahu

My good friend Hillene has turned me on to this new concept called "Happy For No Reason." It has become my new mantra; the blueprint for a perfect life. If I think back into the depths of my meek little existence, the happiest of all happy moments involved living in the now and being happy, just because.

Happy For No Reason.

There's this new-age term going around. It's called Presence or Being Present. Basically, it's a concise way of saying that you're soaking in what's happening NOW. Not what you're about to do. Not what you did last week. Not even what you did five minutes ago. It's about living in the present.

Speaking of present, I'm presently reading this book called Healing Back Pain. It's my fourth reading. (I do readings for birthday parties if you're interested. I bring balloons and make spines out of 'em too. When one of the spine balloons pops, all in attendance must hobble around grabbing the lower back.)


This Healing Back Pain book focuses on back pain (duh!) Specifically, this Dr. Sarno guy believes that back pain is a direct result of repressed anxiety and anger. Sounds like hocus pocus right? Well, mostly and mostly not. Physiologically, he says that repressed anxiety and anger causes a lack of oxygen to the back. If you lose oxygen in the back, you're going to "throw it" or "kink it." Hurts real bad.

Just so you know, I buy it. The theory, that is. I even hand out copies to others in hopes to spread the Healing Back Pain word.

Here's what Sarno has to say about Anxiety (page 37):

"Anxiety is a uniquely human phenomenon, closely related to fear but much more sophisticated, for it is rooted in a capacity animals do not possess--the ability to anticipate. Anxiety arises in response to the perception of danger and is logical unless the perception is illogical, as is often the case. The anxious person tends to anticipate danger, often where there is little or none."

As illustrated above, Anxiety is Anticipation (alliteration!) If we don't anticipate what might happen, we are living in the present or being present. Anxiety is the opposite of presence. Anxiety is impossible when you're living in the now and being present.

So to keep my anxiety at a lull, please send me presents. Or presence, whatever.

Drown in the Now dudes!


Lars said...

This song is amazing. I love Matisyahu. Their Youth album is one of those rare solid albums that can be played in entirety. Off the Light Album One Day is a good track.

Sparks said...

Our cycles have officially synced.

I just now started writing a post on anxiety. Then I quit to come read your blog 'cause I saw that my reader had a few new gifts.

Writing the anxiety post was making my anxious, so I think I'll just give up altogether.

tom lindsey said...

Did you actually label yourself meek? It may be true for all I know but if I were pressed for a one word description that would not be it. Feisty comes to mind.

Have you ever read Stress without Distress or Man's Search For Meaning? I am not proposing that these books have any answers but they may stimulate you to ask new questions.

FWIW-- I think a lack of O2 to the brain is what lies behind Sarno's TMS. I hope we can still be friends.

tom lindsey said...

I should clarify my O2 comment so that you know that my unfavorable remarks are aimed at Dr. Sarno and not at you.

I hope your back does get better; and if these methods work for you-- bully!

The MacMizzles said...

Usually just getting present sends everything back in order. It gives a person with anxiety the sense of control they need over the anxious situation...I think anxiety is the precursor of depression...if you get present you don't get depressed. If you sit down on the couch and hope for the anxiety to go away next thing you know...you're depressed. Speaking purely from personal experience. There...my demons revealed. I combat anxiety by getting present.:)

The MacMizzles said...

Oh ans I love love love the song!

rabidrunner said...

Oh Tom. I getcha dude. Knew what you mean. Here's the responses from two of my many personalities...

Meek Rabid: So Tom, you aren't a believer? I'm so sorry to hear that. I will send two of my dearest representatives by to teach you and bring you on over to the fold.

Feisty Rabid: Whatever dude.

rabidrunner said...

Oh and Tom is correct. I'm not exactly meek. I was being ironical.

Incidentally, you know what gives me anxiety? All these incorrect words like ironical and irregardless that suddenly aren't recognized by the spell checker. The Firefox now believes they are real words!

I'm messing up on purpose and the browser extraordinaire won't give me the satisfaction of showing me that I've misspelled on purpose.

Sparks said...

The browser prolly became accustomed to your nomenclating.

Me (BB) said...

A couple of years back my back was in terrible shape. My Rabid friend handed this book to me with the words, "Read this, it will change your life." I readily admit that I was skeptical, but she was right. Placebo or not, I don't care because since reading the book, I haven't been put out of commission once with the terrible back pain I used to experience very regularly. I say these things... 8-0