Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tune (Vol 18)

Today's Tuesday Tune is The Final Countdown - Europe.

Tuesday's Tuesday Tune is brought to you by Federal Express and Arrested Development. Would you care for and explanation? Why sure, you say! I like how you play my stupid games.

Thank you.

This particular Tuesday Tune is brought to you by Federal Express because the FedEx truck delivered my passport with attached Visa today. Did you know you need a Visa to get into India? It's true. You can't just show up and say, "I'm here! Let me vacay!" Nope. You must ship your passport and a few hundred bones to the Indian consulate in San Francisco. They take your cash, print a sticker, attach it to your passport and send it back.



We are getting down to the wire folks. And that wire is a thin one. The Final Countdown.

After many sleepless nights of scrutinizing contemplation, I've decided to post my adventures on this here web log. Indeed, it's a breech of security. However, the house will be lived in while we're away - by peoples with weapons and a protectively territorial Pound Hound. So don't even think about it.

Today's Tuesday Tune is also brought to you by Arrested Development. Arrested Development is my favorite TV show of all time --put's the FUN in disFUNction. You say you don't know Arrested Development? Oh. You are missing out. Hulu carries it now--all three seasons.

Every time I hear The Final Countdown, I think of GOB and giggle with joy. GOB stands for George Oscar Bluth and is pronounced jobe. GOB is a magician who performs magic to this Final Countdown song.

If you haven't had enough material to aid in your eternal quest for wasting time, you can check out the Final Countdown with Cellos. Rock on!


Jessica said...

oh, how I love Arrested Development and I was just discussing Tobias today. My favorite never-nude of all time.

p.s. one of my friends had the Final Countdown as her ringtone. Made me laugh every time her phone rang.

Lars said...

Are you familiar with Vitamin String Quartet? They do covers of modern bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and turn them into string music. I may have to send you a taster....

Winder said...

Ok, time to break out the Arrested Development series again.

Have you seen Gob perform his act as "Max the Magician" on Seasme Street yet? It is a must maybe it is on Youtube.

Winder said...

I mean Sesame Street. You must forgive me for all grammar errors. I almost always have a toddler tugging on my leg when I post or comment.