Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Judge Some Books

"You can't go to India then... you'll miss the premier of New Moon!"

Kidding, right? Tell me you're kidding.

I guess to some, the window of opportunity for seeing New Moon is a small one -- much smaller than say, traveling somewhere cool to experience something completely new. Then it hit me! Seeing New Moon opening night is the only way to make it cool and completely new. It's not cool to see it the next day, or wait... gasp... heaven forbid, two weeks later. Gasp.

See, here is what's happening. I came to work with Spouse today to meet the boys and Yashi (the resident female on the team.) Nice people and loads of fun. However, they are working. I am not. There isn't much for me to do. Raju (the driver) has been given the afternoon off because they are taking us somewhere fancy tonight. I wish I had the guts to explore this frontier on my own but I'm feeling rather delicate. Wearing a frilly skirt doesn't help.

So what do I do? Get caught up on my Google Reader list. One such post made me chuckle with joy. It was Megan again. She always does that. But this time she had exceeded my expectations by referencing that two-bit teeny-bopper-romance as New Goon instead of New Moon.

Now that's funny. I don't care who you are. Or which Jake or Edwardian team you belong to.

This is when I realized that with the many hours I have to kill, I could write up my Stephenie Meyer tangent. One that has produced more eyeball rolling by yours truly than anything else (as of late, anyway.)

I have read the Twilight series. I find them surprisingly entertaining. They are good little stories for what they are: Young adult romances with a splash of suspense and action. It's also good to see that those little stories have turned a bunch of non-readers I know into somewhat readers - or better yet, full-fledged readers!

Any book that gets people to read is a good book.

Spouse has read all four of those teeny-bopper books. He's one to recognize hype and get right down to where the hype originates. Either that or he's pressured by peers. (If you know Spouse, you can attest that this pressured by peers bit is a farce. That and he has no peers. And if he did have peers they'd be reading Huntin' Fool instead of Twilight. Speaking of which, you should see Spouse baffle his hunting buddies with his voluptuous vocabulary. Funny. Then again, Spouse knows some great words and baffles even the nerdiest of word nerds.)

I must stress at this time, that there are several things these Twilight stories are not. I've had a gut-full of people trying to stir up a fantasy that doesn't exist. (I've also had a gut-full of rockin' Indian food. YUM!)

The Twilight Books are not:
  • Classic literature.
  • Written well.
  • The answer to your marital problems.
  • Thought provoking.
  • A guide for realistic romance.
  • Representation of Mormons or their religion.
  • Adult romance novels with pointers.
  • An excuse for women in their 30s (and 40s and 50s and 60s) to lust after teenagers. Even if those teenagers are fictional. Ewe.


Julie said...

I read somewhere that the Twilight obsession of some women has actually caused divorce. The women are so obsessed with these fictional characters that they believe their marriages are somehow falling short and they should have their own real-life Edward so they abandon stability and normalcy in hopes of finding a hot, romantic, non-vampire vampire.

Sick. Sick. Sick.

rabidrunner said...

I'm sure, Julie, that this non-vampire vampire would be a returned missionary and hold a current Temple Recommend. Don't you agree?

rabidrunner said...

And Julie! I just committed one of the most unpardonable of all sins by assuming you are Mormon and know what I am talking about.

Please accept my apologies and let me know if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Staci said...

Aaaargh. I haven't had a chance to comment on your blog but I want you to know that I have been reading . . . every word. Can't wait every day. What if you could just do a traveling blog and get paid to do this stuff!! Well, I probably still wouldn't want to do it because I miss my home but if it appeals to you, I'll rustle up some sponsors for ya. I've tried to find info on blogs before traveling and the info is never this good. Some thoughts:
1. Loved, loved Paris and sealed the deal that I'm going there. Sorta feel like I just went because when you were getting ready to leave I thought "nooo, we just got here."
2. Mumbai looks like all third world countries or maybe a bit better. In Egypt they have something similar to that corrugated tin city--garbage city because the homes are made of garbage. And I don't care how many times you see poverty or even if you were to live with it, I don't think you could ever be desensitized to it.
3. Jealous of Indian food.
4. Not jealous of the hassle of traveling.
5. Spouse has often stumped me with his verbage--but you sometimes do too.
6. Laugh, laugh, laugh about Twilight. Attended a book group where every book was compared to Twilight because it was the book to beat. I am a snob because I think people who think like that are unread (sorry if anyone is offended.)
7. Miss you and be safe.
8. I'm gonna stop because this is the longest comment I have ever posted.

Julie said...

Not only is he a RM with a temple pass, but he is already half-way done with this master's degree or med school and is probably insanely similar to JJWT of Seriously So Blessed. (Who I have also heard women are jealous of, to which I raise an eyebrow and roll my eyes). Hmmm. I'm beginning to see a big parallel there....

Oh, Rabid...yes, yes, I'm Mormon. You probably subconsciously knew that from comments on the ole' Sparks blog. No worries.

megan said...

I'm jumping on Staci's post...and say that its taken me until today to not...see there they go again...stinkin' tears...can't get over the india shanties. ugh. I'll try commenting later.

Lars said...

Only reason I "read" them was because my friend gave me them on audiobooks during my first trip to Alaska. Three days on a ferry later I took them for what they were worth, definitely not as good as Harry Potter which is the same age range. The first movie was complete mawkish and syrupy which was great because it meant they followed the books to a T.

Rachel said...

Rabid, I truly love your blog! I could not agree with your more about all this Twilight crap. I read the books, thought they were entertaining, and nothing more. It drives me insane when people talk about them as though they are classics or something. As someone else commented, if you think Twilight is amazing, you really haven't read that many books...

The fact that women actually compare their relationships Edward and Bella and then consequently end up hearbroken is completely crazy. I mean really, how can someone think it is even remotely life-like? For one, he's a VAMPIRE. And two- I have never in my life, nor will I ever, meet a guy who would rather TALK than get some action. Bella is always trying to jump his bones and Edward responds with some crap like, "no, love, let's talk more about you..." SO. NOT. EVEN. REALISTIC. HA!

But hey, I agree with you, the fact that these stories have gotten people who never read to actually get involved in a book is a good thing. :)

By the way, hope you have fun on your trip! I've loved following your adventures. I don't think I will ever brave traveling to India!

Rachel said...

Sorry, lots of bad grammar in my previous comment...how embarrassing! That's what I get for trying to multi-task by working and secretly trying to read blogs at the same time :)

Jessica said...

I never really understood the whole obsession with Edward. I have met some women who were thisclose to truly being in love with him. All I thought was "dude! He's fictional. And a friggin' vampire! Hello!"

Okay, out of exclamation points.

Lars said...


Thought you might get a kick out of this since it is along the same lines...

bendone said...

Dear Rabid, I am loving your blogs.

I went to New Moon 12:31 am this past Thursday. It was a fun event, but I would have traded it for a little world travel.

Take care!

Sparks said...

How is it that we're so on the same page. I wrote my Twilight post(s) last night. Now I don't need to post 'em. You've saved me editing.

rabidrunner said...

Enjoyed the comments everyone. I do believe I have some ridiculously intelligent readers.

Sparks - we're always on the same page. I believe that the day you were born, we both opened the same book and turned to the same page.

rabidrunner said...

Welcome Staci and Rachel. Glad to hear the India drivel isn't going into a bit bucket. Not that it would matter, however. I intend to turn back here many times to relive the experience. That's the idea anyway.

I have thought a couple of times about Staci's suggestion of a travel blog - of traveling for a living. I don't think I could do it. It would be fun and and adventure but I would rather be a mom. This trip is teaching me lots of stuff about me. I should do a post about that... will add it to the list.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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