Thursday, November 12, 2009

Should I?

It's time to dejunk the house.

First on this dejunking agenda is the CD collection. This collection, my fine blogging brood, is my only collection. Well... besides shoes. And coats. And yarn. And canned beans. And dust bunnies. And wheat.

It has taken many years and thousands of dollars to form this hold-it-in-your-paws CD collection. This collection is housed in fancy matching towers handcrafted from the finest wood found in China. Being as tunes are no longer held in the paws, it's time to import them all into the Library of Brutus (that's the mePod's mothership) and pack the plastic cases away. Fer good.

Trouble is, I'm have trouble. Double trouble.

I am looking at some of these dinosaur CDs and wondering, Should I? I mean, is it worth the space on the hard drive? Will I listen to it? Worse, will I cower in shame should someone see that I wasted valuable seconds RIPing that baby onto this Brutus, this 21st century listening device of choice?

The first of many Should Is is this one:

I'm feeling like I shan't. Prolly go in the garbage with the Foreigner and the Kansas and the REO Speedwagon. Those early 80s booger soled rock stars are just blah.

Kiss on the other hand? Oh yeah. We will have Kiss. Except for that Beth I Hear You Calling song. Reminds me of the Older Bro's Prom. Ick.

(I also have a vinyl collection. But that is for another day. Or year. Whatever. On second thought, maybe never. It's quite the Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, Ian Anderson, Bon Jovi Shrine. Yes. I have Bon Jovi on the vinyl media. Don't tell anyone.)


Lars said...

DON'T DO IT! Isn't there anything else you can de-clutter? Not that the mePod isn't great and all, I mean I love mine, but there is something to be said about holding that disc in your paws, smelling the insert and reading over the lyrics. Oh man and if you get rid of your vinyls I will cry, I am serious. Some of my favorite memories as a child were when I would convince my mum to put Genesis on the turntable so I could dance around to Land of Confusion. Music just sounds better on a turntable I tell ya.

Jessica said...

space-saving solution: buy those CD / DVD holders and put all the CDs and DVDs in them. That way, you save space but still keep all your stuff. I still can't get rid of my CDs, and my dad has all his vinyl. Mostly Chicago. #1 through #500. (that was not to say that you are even close to my parents age. 'cause you're not)

Winder said...

Wow! We are on the same wavelength these days...first the recipe thoughts now the CD's. I just sorted through ours 2 days ago. I will admit I couldn't part with New Kids On The Block--even though I should too many memories. Ooohh, Ooohh, Ooohh, Oohh, Hanging Tough. Good Stuff!

Brandon and Julie said...

Toss. I hate "stuff." I love to de-clutter. It changes the whole energy of your house. (Yes, energy.) Do it. You will feel much better.

PhishTako said...

Styx and Foreigner blah? What are you a communist?