Saturday, November 07, 2009


I survived my first round of shots! I was having so much fun that I spaced that whole "if you don't hear from me tomorrow" business. (Thanks B&J for the reminder.)

Where am I having all this fun, you ask? I'm in Sparks visiting Megan. Incidentally, we're too busy making fun of people who meet on the Internet to blog.

'Til Tuesday,

(I'll be back Sunday, but I cannot promise any correspondence. Besides, there isn't a washed up 80s band called 'Til Sunday. I suppose I could have used "Taking Back Sunday" as my salutation, but Sunday hasn't been taken from me. Unless of course you consider that 99.9% of my Sundays are consumed with religious matters. Then I guess my Sundays have been taken from me. However, at this time, and with gratitude and fortitude and conviction, I declare that I like my Sundays right where they are.)