Monday, November 16, 2009


This is Megan, aka "Sparks," on a pier at lovely Lake Tahoe. Megan's a beaut. Had to share. Incidentally, I didn't get permission first and I might be in trouble.

Still. She's a beaut. Smart too. Real smart. Also fun. Real fun.



Sparks said...

Oh my. What am I to do with this? Thank you for your kind compliments. You're a terrific friend, seein' as you're the build-me-up kind.

It certainly was a beautiful day, especially the part where I nearly got us stranded without gasoline.

On the picture: I'd have to say Well Done on capturing reality. That is what I look like when I'm enjoying myself. You know how I feel about pictures of The Self, but I think I like this one; it's pretty much me as I am, and you also know that that's the kind of photography I prefer: the real kind.

Oh, and right on with the Screw permission and devil-may-care regarding forgiveness. That's my kinda style.

rookie cookie said...

I always forget she has short hair until I see her in person or see a picture.

You captured her well. Meg, you look great.

Jessica said...

my mom always said it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. it kind of wasn't great as a parent, but as a person with great photography skills such as yours it works. Great picture!

The MacMizzles said...

LOOK AT HER!!!! I love her hair! She is a beaut.

Hen Pecks said...

Just so you know, that's my kid.

Winder said...

Rabid, Great photo. She looks just like I thought she would. You must have done well in your descriptions.

Lars said...

Her eyes are as blue as Tahoe. Lovely photograph Rabid.