Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lucky Shot

This woman walked into that beautiful golden light just as she turned to look at me. Look at how she looks at me. A good photo has mystery. I think this photo has great mystery.

Notice her left hand and the perfect angle of her broom in front of the shadowed background and freshly swept trash. This is the luckiest, luckiest photo ever. (Don't tell anyone though. I'm gonna find a photo contest and enter it. Gonna call it skill.)


These people have the most interesting features -
the most involving of expressions.
I am having a great time.


Ryan McMillan said...

Awesome shot, don't let on that it's a lucky shot though, you get a lot of "lucky" shots, so it really is skill... knowing when to snap, and being able to frame the photo before you even point the lens, it really is a talent!

Good on you!! Keep the pics coming!

Lars said...

This looks like it belongs in National Geographic. Gorgeous. Rabid you have some mad skills behind the camera.

As Ryan said, keep the photographs coming.

Jessica said...



very Sartorialist-ish.

You're awesome.

Hen Pecks said...

And then she jumped on her broom and flew away? Is this Harry Potter and the Indian Maiden?

The Moe said...

I like the "Get the damn camera away from me" look

Buddy the Elf said...

Love the photos! They are spectabulous. Now I know you don't like other people touching your camera, but make sure you get in a few of the pics.

megan said...

I'm gonna help you find the contest to enter.

Marci said...

Amber, I guess I didn't need to be worried about what you would do with your time while Scott was busy during the've been making perfect use of yours! It's an epic shot for sure!