Monday, November 23, 2009

Jet Lag is Real


This is a self portrait taken after my two hour nap. Spouse, bless his heart, checked into the hotel, changed his clothes, laid down for 5 minutes, then went to work.

It's good someone plans to earn their keep on this trip. Sure as hell ain't me.

(Oh and check out the laptop. The laptop is the greatest of all security blankets. The most succulent of all pacifiers. The grandest of all soothers. But he doesn't have a name! How is it that I've neglected the naming of this great friend?)


Winder said...

Looking Good! Are you sure the laptop is male?
I'm just saying.
Might be important in name choosing.

rabidrunner said...

Maybe the laptop should be androgenous then?

rabidrunner said...

Or neutered?

Me (BB) said...

Do you use an optical mouse? Your laptop may have already been neutered. Think about it.

Hen Pecks said...


Tia said...

I recognize that crazed look in your eyes... saw it in the mirror a time or two! Hang in there!

The MacMizzles said...

Not to spoil everyone's fun or anything, but I am going to have to insist that the laptop is devoid of a gender. Seeing that it can't procreate. Sorry.

But, if it provides such security, and you play for a straight team...I am going to recommend male names.

Hai Dang

I tried to make it as multicultural as possible.

Ryan said...

true enough, computers aren't (yet) able to reproduce, but they do a splendid job creating an environment conducive to speedy reproduction, albeit at a data level.

so what to name such a pen of procreation, a den of duplication, replete with replication?

warren, of course.

Sparks said...

You're hot. Even sleep-deprived.

I completely forgot that Spouse is in India to work. I just wandered through my deluded little head assuming he'd be playing too. Dummy. (Me not Spouse.)

Anonymous said...

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