Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Mohawk - 8 years running

'Cause nothing says Middle-aged Man in a Mohawk better than a middle-aged man in a mohawk. Eight years in a row.

I am CodeWarrior!




Sparks said...

Mark just walked into my office--this was on the screen--and he said, "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That's . . . "




"That's her husband."

"Sure is."

Then I told him Spouse's name.

Very, very, very cool. I want to be your kid now.

tom lindsey said...

No piercings or tatts? He is stuck in a rut.

Lars said...

How long does he keep the Mohawk? Just wondering if it gets to stay through the holidays.

Susan said...

i also saw him get up in front of 35+ people and explain some of that "code warrior" stuff too.

mohawk and all...

rookie cookie said...

In the second picture, he plays the part so well. Unamused. When you have a mohawk, you are too cool to smile or show any emotion. Bravo.

rabidrunner said...

In the past, the mowhawk stayed a week or two. Probably do the same. Spouse likes to wear it voting. Gets lots of attention. About 6(?) years ago, he was attending to the needs of our Bishop (aka LDS leader of our hood) on a weekly basis. During those years, the Mowhawk only made it until the next Saturday after Halloween. (Tryin' to be respectful.) Now he wears it to church. It's old hat now. They all just look at him, mention the annual holiday haircut, then continue the talk about Jesus. Or being nice to your neighbor. Or loving one another. Or that families are together forever. Or...that they saw Brother Sanderson drinking coffee again.