Friday, November 27, 2009

Driving Miss Rabid

How about some bideo?

We have a Happy Snap camera. It's a small camera, one that can fit into a purse, a pocket or can be attached to a belt. It is easy to use and can be transferred to others easily. When conditions allow, the Happy Snap takes some pretty good pictures. The flash is adequate.

Our Happy Snap camera is a Canon Powershot SD 600. You should get one. (But if you do you'll get a better one because the Happy Snap is over a year old and out-dated.)

I prolly take more photos with the Happy Snap than the Bossette camera. By the time you see your kids doing something cute you don't have a lot of time. You don't have time to pull out the Bossette camera, notice the wrong lens is on it, switch lenses, attach the flash if it's a wide-angle lens, double check the ISO because you don't remember what it was set at, check the aperture and adjust the shutter speed.

Nope. No time for that. The kids are done being cute. In fact they've bathed themselves, done their 10 minutes of reading and are kneeling for bedtime.

I've made fun of crappy pictures in the past (but mostly phone cameras cause really if you're going to take a lot of pictures, go get yourself a Happy Snap and use the phone camera for espionage. Oh and for heaven sakes remove that plastic protective sheet that covers your picture taker.) There really is no such thing as a bad photo. Any photo capturing something noteworthy, is a great photo.

Our Happy Snap camera has easy video. By easy, I mean it saves it in AVI format so as it can be viewed and uploaded without any hocus pocus. This is why, friends and followers ('cause there are over 20 of you now), you get footage of Driving Miss Rabid.

Video #1: Notice the two lane road with five cars across. That's how it is around here, the lines on the road, you know the ones that tell you where you should drive? Aren't used much. Also notice the intersection has no traffic signal.


Video #2. I want to bring Mr. Driver home with us. He's awesome and skilled!


Video #3. Two-wheelers are the preferred mode of transportation. Two-wheelers are scooters and motorcycles. It's scary business. They pull out in front of on-coming traffic expecting the oncomers to stop. Most of the time they do.

There is much honking. It's not a get-the-heck-out-of-my-way kind of honk. It's more of a here-I-am-I'm-coming-in kind of honk. Don't see the difference? Well then back up and read that paragraph again.


Video #4: There is no such thing as "yield to oncoming traffic." If you want to get anywhere, you pull out in front of the oncoming traffic and expect the oncomers to stop. Surprisingly they do. I've learned it's best not to watch. Incidentally, no one gets angry over this cutting-each-other-off business because it ain't personal! At home, driving is personal. Perhaps the Utahns and Californians and whoever else has road rage issues should come here for a few.


Video #5: Temple. With "all gold."


Video #6: Good brakes are paramount. There's that word again, paramount. I love that paramount word. Tailgating is another common practice here which requires good working brakes and expeditious reactions. I really wonder about the brakes on those old buses.



Jessica said...

I love me some bideo. Incidentally, that's how Esposo says it sometimes. The Spanish skills come out with the Vs and Bs.

Anyway, these bideos are very cool. I am a tailgating culprit too. Esposo wonders why we haven't needed the brakes replaced yet.

p.s. did you know you are on the other side of the world?

Ryan said...

nice. i'm impressed with how smoothly 5:2 traffic appears to progress. we could learn a thing or two (or five).

tho i've gotta say, watching the other vids after reading their descriptions was like watching jaws-scored footage of ocean-frolicking beachgoers, waiting for the sudden pull into oncoming traffic or brake slammage, only to have a playful sea lion poke his head above the water and kiss you on the nose. trickery!

rabidrunner said...

Oh come on Ryan, you mean to tell me that the driving footage seemed calm and natural? Whatever. If the footage would have been jawsish, I'd be hospital.

Spouse and I are dropping all sorts of articles now. We're beginning to think that "a" and "an" and "the" are a waste of oxygen. And typing.

Lars said...

I support this theory Rabid. I enjoy dropping those words as well. Perhaps I will regress into cavewoman mode. Makes the person think more.