Friday, November 13, 2009

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This is what happens when you take the Yahoos to Florida
after freshly finishing four seasons of Lost.


Speaking of Lost, when do we get the new ones? The suspense is killing me. Do we have any Lost-o-files in our midst? Do you want to talk theories? Oh I've got a theory.

Lost is Biblical. Each of the characters stranded (or whatever) on the island resemble the 12 Tribes of Israel. Jacob is gathering! I even have scriptural references. Interested?


Jessica said...

oh, how I love LOST! Pretty sure episodes start again at the end of January or beginning of February (I'll have Esposo ask. He knows a guy). If I was still on Facebook I would have to connect you with one of my friends. She's got theories like there's no tomorrow.

Incidentally, I'm likin' this whole Biblical theory. The whole Jacob thing from last season totally threw me off!

NatTheFatRat said...

Fellow Loster here! I used to think they were all dead and the island was Limbo, but then that got blew all to crap when they had the flash forwards.

Did you see on 30 Rock when it Liz revealed that it was all Hurley's dream? I don't know, I buy it.

Brandon and Julie said...

I just started season 3 with the Husband. We are obsessed. I'm not far enough to know who Jacob is but I like the theory. I want references!

Winder said...

That photo is awesome. I can't believe you have displayed it before now.

Keli'i and Megan said...

I never knew you were a "Lost"-ee, Rabid! They start in January...since we live like three minutes from filming, we've seen Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Lock here and there. I even saw Hurley at Safeway. So, we need to have a "Lost" debate sesh.