Saturday, October 03, 2009

Various Personal Records

I have conquered The George!

This race was exceptionally memorable, for I have set various Personal Records (PRs).

1. The finishing time was 3:22:47 (The :47 was added so that Ryan could tell me it was more like 3:23). This was a PR for 3:22:47 - for I have never done that before.

2. I walked more in this marathon than any other. Began at mile 17 and continued. Incidentally, my slowest marathon (4:03) had less walking than this one.

3. I walked many of the downhill parts. This is a PR because I never walk down hill. It's bad form when you don't use gravity.

4. My back ached THE WHOLE DAMN time. But I still finished. Making this a PR for the most pain in any marathon.

5. This was a PR for best outfit. My top had not one, but TWO giant trout-sized pockets in the back. I could have carried a small child - but that would make the back ache more, so obviously I didn't carry a small child. It's a good thing too - OSHA would be all over me for that.

6. I nearly barfed at the finish. That's a PR. I always feel like I'm going to barf but never have I nearly barfed. This is a great PR because I can still work on it. I mean, won't it be great when I actually do barf? I have so much room for improvement.

7. The night before the race, we walked right into the restaurant and were seated immediately. Immediately! Have you been to St George during George weekend? A family of four can expect to wait up to 2 hours for a table. Again, this is a good one to improve on, for I can always set a PR for the longest time spent waiting for a table.

8. My feet finished unscathed. No blisters. No lost toenails. I always end up with at least a tiny blister or a new black toenail. PR!

9. The bed in this hotel is the worst bed I've [not] slept in. PR for worst bed on the planet. And isn't the timing on this one just picture pefect? Bad boy bed and bent back? Led to a PR for the worst night sleep before a marathon.

10. My cheering section had matching shirts. That's never happened. We can thank Megan for that. This was the best part of the race. PR! PR! PR! PR!




Buddy the Elf said...

Congrats Rabid! You're my hero.

Thierry said...

I love the shirts!! Where did you get them done? They're awesome!!
Congrats on all you PRs!! Well done!

tom lindsey said...

the youngest yahoo cracks me up.

BTW-- I found a really cool run while I was down there last weekend. Let me know if you are interested :-)

rookie cookie said...

I am sitting at Megan's house and I just showed her the pictures of you guys in the shirts. I think she almost cried.


Lars said...

Your Rabidyahoo two has got some sassy smirks, simply amazing. Love it!

rabidrunner said...

The shirts are a hit! And they are getting us lots of attention. Last night a lady asked if we really have rabies. My friend Megan from Sparks, NV sent them to us. She's the balm.

M-Cat said...

YAY!!!! You are one of my new idols! I wanted George so bad this year.... COngrats and keep posting such fun stuff!

meg said...

It's a good question that I should have had clarified for me: are you all, in fact, rabid?

Can't belive you wore the matching duds. A-damn-durable y'all are. And all are right--that youngest yahoo is a crack up. Very expressive.

Incredibly proud if you, my friend. You're inspiring. So inspiring, that I just thought to myself, My friend started doing thus running thing seriously at my age. What if . . . ?

Becca said...

I needed that tonight. I didn't know I needed it, but I totally did. Thanks for the call today it made my morning.

Jessica said...

as a reader brought to you by Remarks, let me just say that you are awesome! I was in the George this weekend and it was beautiful weather for a marathon. Congrats!

The MacMizzles said...

Look sister, (literally) you look smokin in that top. You truly are an inspiration.

Winder said...

I am still waiting to find out if there will be rabidreader t-shirts going up for sale. I think I am not the only one who would purchase one...or maybe I am.

Janice {Run Far} said...

OMG... you are smokin... and you ran real fast too. ha ha....
seriously, great time. Way to PR

The MacMizzles said...

Alright winder it's on...I want "biggest rabid fan!" Remember,...and then you can be biggest fan #2. Lets fight. Megan? are you reading?

meg said...

MacM, you, as sister, can have Biggest Fan privileges, but I might have to thumb war Winder for the #2 spot.

And of course I'm reading--I'm actually the Rabid's biggest fan. It's rather creepy.