Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tune (Vol 16)

It's official!

At an undisclosed date and time, Spouse and I will travel abroad. We will hit two destinations. A gander at the seven-airport itinerary is sure to make the head spin.

This particular adventure landed on the lap of Spouse - his job requires that he take it. I'm not the kind of wife who says, "You go ahead dear, you go on and travel the world. I'll stay right here with the Yahoos and bake cookies."

I'm not that kind of wife.

I'm the kind of wife that demands that I go. I guess demand is the wrong word. It's more like I'm the kind of wife that bats my Big 'Uns at him and he replies with, "show me your spreadsheet." (Sorry, Spouse. But you knew this about me when you took me to that Big White Castle in the Salt Lake City.)

Today's Tuesday Tunes are about the destinations. Can you guess where we're going? I'll give you a hint: The tale of these two cities is an alliteration, so see if you can catch the pun -eh?

First person to leave a comment with the city and country of all 7 destinations - in the order listed - will get $5 at the meTunes store. It's true! My word is good.

Destination One, 4 Days :
Havanaise, op 83 - Camille Saint-Saens
Alala - Cansei de Ser Sexy
Une Very Stylish Fille - Dimitri In Paris
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle - Nirvana
(this one added to throw you. Starting to look too easy.)
La Marseillaise

Destination Two, 1 hour 30 minutes:
Dubai Chill House Grooves

Destination Three, 7 hours, 5 minutes (starts with "M"):
Ringa Ringa - A.R. Rahman
O...Saya - M.I.A.
Bombay The Hard Way - Guns Cars & Sitars

Destination Four, 8 days (starts with "P" rhymes with eh):
Fanaa - A.R. Rahman
Aaj Ki Raat - Sonu Nigam
India - Roxy Music

Destination Five, 45 minutes:
Amsterdam - Coldplay

Destination Six, 3 hours 45 minutes:
Detroit City - Tom Jones

The flight above to destination six, is 18 hours and 55 minutes. Believe I'll be singing: Get Off - Dandy Warhols and Gouge Away - The Pixies and Paper Planes - M.I.A.

Destination Seven, 'till next trip:
Salt Lake City - The Beach Boys

In the mean time, I've got so much to do! I've gotta get to the health department for a Typhoid Fever immunization (among others), pack, plan, save money, build a playlist and sweet talk a consulate. The list goes on.

I'm stewing, however, over whether I should tell the blog world when I'm going. Telling all you weirdos that I'm out of town is breech of security, isn't it?

It would be fun to post a travel log, however. Do you want a travel log?


rookie cookie said...

I wish I wasn't such a dummy and I could figure this out.

And yes, travel log is a good thing. I likey, even though I am a dummy.

meg said...

Are you kidding me? Is there really someone out there who could figure that out?

I'll bet it's Tom, isn't it?

(Good thing I limit only exclamation points and not question marks.)

rabidrunner said...

Come on guys... It's not as hard as you think. In fact all but two are blatantly obvious.

The MacMizzles said...

Paris and India?

Ryan said...

How 'bout...

Paris, France
Dubai (not a city, but...), United Arab Emirates
Mumbai, India
Pune, India
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Detroit, USA
Salt Lake City, USA

LaurieJ said...

Dear Rabid,
I'm so jealous I could spit.
Have fun.
Love, Laurie