Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Tune (Vol 15)

Today's Tuesday Tune is brought to you by that beloved Deer Hunt. Today's Tuesday Tune is also brought to you by 75%.

Allow me to explain.

The Deer Hunt is on right now. Yipee. (That's Yipee sans an exclamation point.) Spouse does the Deer Hunts. This year we had the special treat of Spouse doing the Elk Hunts too. Yipee. (Again sans exclamation point.)

I believe it's time to remind ya'll and especially Spouse that my Truly Beloved wasn't a hunter when I married him. (Now why, exactly, did I leave "can't be a hunter" out of the prenup?)

It's all good really. I run every morning in November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September. Spouse disappears for most of October and returns with a freezer full of chow.

Now that we've covered the "Deer Hunt" representation. Let's move on to 75%.

I have this ritual for listening to music for the very first time. I don't know if ritual is proper word, because how I listen is automatic and cannot be controlled. Irregardless, the first time I listen to a song, I immediately determine how the song is counted. I figure the number of beats per measure.

Vera has turned me on to this new little band called The Dear Hunter (felicitous and apropos, right?) After listening to this precious Dear Hunter band, I have concluded that 75% of their tunes have 3/4 (three-quarter) time. Which is way strange. Most rock/alternative music is rarely written in 3/4 (three-quarter) time. It's hard to pull off the 3/4 (three-quarter) time in rock without it sounding all waltzy and such. (Unless, of course, you're MUSE and obviously you are not. If you were MUSE, you'd have me pull my endorsement.)

Get it? 3/4 (three-quarter) is also 75% in that 3 divided by 4 is .75.

You love it when I add math for spice, don't you!?

Beautiful Life
The Tank
Black Sandy Beaches
Blood of the Roses
This one gets extra credit for being a tango AND including a cello.
The Church and the Dime


Staci said...

Intriguing. (Don't know how to spell.) I never thought of figuring out the meter to rock music.

Ryan said...

love math spice - she was the bespectacled one in back, right, who no one could see behind ginger?

rabidrunner said...

Serious. Ginger was mean. She wanted all the glory. But I think her name was Abacus Spice, not Math Spice.