Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Tune is BACK! (Vol 13).

Have you missed the Tuesday Tune? I have. Oh my, have I ever. Let's start it again, shall we?

Today's Tuesday Tune is brought to you by Johnny Cash and Stevie Nicks. Which means today's Tuesday Tune is also brought to you by Folsom Prison, yodelers, guitars and fancy broomstick skirts with gypsy ornamentation.

What do you get when Johnny Cash and Stevie Nicks have a love child?

Brandi Carlile

A few weeks ago, the whole fam damily (The Mom & Moe, the Sister & Smart-A husband, the Brother & Wife, Spouse and I) went to see Brandi Carlile. This is becoming a tradition of sorts. That same fam damily has seen her before.

If you've been around a couple of years, you might recall that the Rabid had her photo taken with the lovely Brandi Carlile. (Does Brandi like girls? I heard she likes girls. Is that true? Spouse... can she join us?)

Here's that photo again...

What am I holding? A signed t-shirt. And No, you can't have it.

Isn't she cute? Talented too... Do you want to know what's so great about Brandi? She has a cellist in her band. Hooked up to electricity and everything. I'm a sucker for the cello.

Anyway, Brandi (like how we're on a first-name basis) played a bunch from her new album. And wouldn't you know that same album was released today.

Oh! Oh! OH! YES! It's a good one.

There is one song that I cannot get enough of. Thought I'd share.

Touching The Ground
(Run Forest Run!)
(Sorry it's live... couldn't find one from the album and I'm not about to break copyright laws by finding a way to publish it here.)

(Run Forest Run!)
(This is the only one from the album that I could find. Good anyways.)



meg said...

I wondered why you were holding a burp cloth.

Thanks for the clarification.

Oh, and like I could let the "could she join us" just hang out with out commentary. Like I could do that. Problem is, my running mouth can't seem to come up with anything appropriately inappropriate.

Ellvie said...

I think if you just look at Brandi's face in that photo she looks like a dude.

Ellvie said...

A hot dude!