Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Running On Fumes

I should be working, but I'm not. I should be removing sensitive information from tax forms and editing photos, but I'm not.

The blog is lonely. It needs me.

In lieu of working for cash, I'll feed the blog. This could be tragic because I'm low on content. Low, however, doesn't mean empty.

To illustrate the low content concept, I'll use the gas tank metaphor. Being low on content is similar to being low on gasoline. The car will still go, but not very far. As the gas tank sinks to empty, the car will run on fumes.

This blog post is running on fumes.
(Consider this a warning. Get out while you can.)

Since the marathon is over, running is so last season - I can't write about running. I guess I'll just replay a phone call with Spouse from yesterday.

"Ring, ring." That's how the phone rings at our house.

"Hello?" I say.

It's Spouse. "Wanna go to India?" he asks.

India, brace yourself. I'm coming!

(As soon as I purchase the ticket and figure the logisti
cs of the Yahoos and the Pound Hound and as soon as I figure out how to spend 3 days in Paris on the way back.)


Winder said...

I get first pick on days to watch the yahoos

meg said...

My jealousy is palpable.

Tastes like aloo gobi.

Becca said...

While you're doing all that figuring; could you figure out how to take me too?

megan said...

wow. man. wow.