Friday, October 23, 2009


I had one of those payday moments just three minutes ago. Figured I'd document it. Or at least show you all that I've trained the Yahoos to be mannerly and polite. (This is all about me, you know.)

Just now, maybe 5 minutes ago (took me roughly 2 minutes to construct that miserable paragraph above), I yelled down to the Yahoos.

"Hey. Do you guys want a brownie?"

Do you know what I heard?

"No thanks" from one and "Yes please" from the other.


Just goes to show that if you demand a no thanks and a yes please eight times a day for five years, it will pay off. If you do the math - and I know you would 'cause not only are you a Word Nerd, you're a Numerical Necromancer - that's 14,600 naggings from yours truly.

(Incidentally, they're whining back and forth over the playstation. Payday over. Sigh.)

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