Monday, October 26, 2009

Hot E-mail Mess

I'm a hot e-mail mess.

I've managed to spaghetti-ize my e-mail situation. This whole snafu began with the need to make a bunch of decisions. One of those decisions had to do with the acquisition of a mePhone.

Roughly 10 days ago, I found myself possessed, trapped, and driven to the AT&T store. It was an out-of-body experience, really, for I didn't know what was happening. I had no control! I walked in and said, "I would like a mePhone, please [we always say please], make it 16 gigs of black 3GS, please [see told you, we always say please]."

Twenty minutes later, I walked out of there with my very own mePhone, complete with an address book transfer.*

Named him Ringo.
You know, like the Star. Cause he plays music and rings! Get it?

Ringo and I burned two whole days on an Apps Reconnaissance Mission (Finding the right apps is strategic and important and funded - therefore it's considered reconnaissance.)

After a few gleeful days of figuring-it-out, I discovered that my blasted MSN e-mail address doesn't have a hook-me-up for the mePhone.

Ringo is without automatic e-mail notification.

This is when I had to call in the troops. The troops said, "switch to gmail." Rrrrriiiiiighhhtttt. Have you looked into changing your e-mail address lately? Have you seen the efforts, the trackings, the address books, the groups, the everything?

Changing an e-mail address of 12 years is 200 billion times worse than changing your name three times. And I've changed my name three times. (Don't ask.)

(Okay, you can ask.)

To get Ringo to automagically notify my e-mailings, I've created a New Nifty gmail account, one that somewhat matches the naming convention of that stupid MSN account. I then set up that MSN account to forward everything to my New Nifty gmail account.

I should just change everything over to this New Nifty gmail account, right? There are many problems with this logic. I already have a gmail account - else how would I have a blog on the blogger dot com? And wouldn't you know that I cannot change the primary e-mail of my Blogger Dot Com account to my New Nifty account. To make things worse, I have to login to my Blogger Dot Com gmail to get to my Googley Reader - else how would I know you posted something new? Click on your site? Whatever. If I want to read my New Nifty gmail, I need to logout of the Blogger Dot Com gmail and relogin to the New Nifty gmail. If I want to make a comment on some blog and not expose my true identity, I need to loug out of the New Nifty gmail account and login with the Blogger Dot Com account.

I looked into transferring all of the blogs I follow in the Googley Reader from the Blogger Dot Com one to the New Nifty Googley Reader, but geez guys... I have a job and kids and miles to run. This is too much work.

See? I'm a hot e-mail mess.

*I'm in the mood for politics lately. So play along, if you will. Imagine, friends, that the government controls all cell phones. In order for you to acquire a new cell phone, you must go through a government operation. Just imagine that. Imagine the difference. Compare/contrast the DMV. Compare/contrast the Driver's License Division. Compare/contrast the Health Department. Do you think I would have acquired my precious Ringo is 20 minutes? Prolly not! Do you want 'em to operate your health care?

And speaking of the health department, I have an announcement to make tomorrow! OH! Makes me squeal like a pig just thinking about it!


Jessica said...

i love me some gmail. and here's the beautiful thing: you can set up all the accounts to forward to your rabid account and THEN you can set it up so you can email from your rabid account as though you were emailing from your MSN or your RealName account.

I do this with my two gmail accounts and my work account. works like a dream.

Magic, I tell you.

Can you tell I'm avoiding homework?

p.s. Me jealous of your mePhone.

rookie cookie said...

Precisely why I don't want an iphone. It will suck my life away and probably screw up my e-mail too. Once the thing cleans up toys and folds laundry, I'm in. I have a Roomba and I love her. Someday, I am sure we will wake up and she will be fixing breakfast for the boys.

Lars said...

I never realized hotmail and mePhone's weren't compatible. I should have seeing how Bill Gates won't allow his kiddos to have a mePod. That fascist.

Bob Loblog said...

You can do what Jessica said or you could also upgrade to windows live plus and it will give you acces to POP3 for your phone. I know it's a daunting task but I would ditch your windows email. There's greener pastures. When problems like these arrive you're supposed to call me. Duh. I've tried all kinds of wacky email setup on the iPhone.

meg said...

Mark looked into this and doesn't have an answer yet. He'll ask the Genii at work. But I have a couple ideas. Ideas that are hard to explain without the phone in my hands.

Ryan said...

Now that you mention it -- yes, I would love to have the option of buying a memyself&iphone from the government at a deeply discounted rate, and would be sure to schedule an appt. to ensure I was in/out of the DSP in 20 mins or less (longer if driven by possession - but you can't have everything) :)

Ryan said...

On the flip side, if I decided to go with a private sector option, it would be nice not to have to prove to my provider that I'd been continually covered by another cell phone plan for the last 20 years, nor to have to convince my provider that my memyself&iphone was telephonically necessary, nor explain that my pre-existing proclivity for heavy data usage shouldn't preclude me from being covered, nor have my plan suddenly cut off when they identify me as an extra-heavy user of night/weekend minutes. Those things would be good, too. :)

rabidrunner said...

I'm liking gmail better. Much more slickish. The mePhone is changing my life by the day. I now have organization. I now grosserie shop with it. I have lists for everything: books to read, items to buy, projects for the yahoos, blog ideas, menus for the week! I even read my scriptures now because there's an app for scriptures.

I'm so very changed.

I did look into the MSN "extra care" service or whatever the crap it is. They want $10 a month for it. Sorry Mr. Fascist Gates, I ain't playing your game. I'm a dad-gum Pervertarian! (You know where our platform is the perverse of everything.)

And speaking of perverse... I'm not saying I want private health care. I'm saying that I want AT&T to be in charge of my health care. Think of the service! The apps! Like the pacemaker app. The gadgets! Like the IUD gadget. Oh how I heart AT&T. And I just thought of another thing - instead of a doctor delivery, you could buy the app that walks you through it. You could birth at home! 'Cept I'd need an epidural. Doubt there are any injectables at the app store yet.

Ryan, you are funny as hell. Please send more of your wiseness.

Becca said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading that! And for the record; I think the me-phone/health care comparison is a great one to convince anyone not to want it!

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