Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have You Backed Up Your Blog Lately?

Friends and fellow blog blasters, please ponder with me for a moment.

Think with me, about the time and energy you've spent on this here Think of the memories, the frustrations, and the history. Think of the content. Your little spot at blogger dot com has grown to reveal who you are.

Being the nay-saying ninny that I am, I've considered the what if. What if the blogger goes belly up and my content is gone? What if the blogger has a technical crash and my content is gone? What if the blogger decides to pull the plug on me and my content is gone?

None of that Content Gone stuff is going to happen.

But just in case, I have a solution for you.

1) Go to:
If you have more than 1000 blog posts, then enter a number greater than what you have.
If you have a reserved domain, then enter your domain instead of For example:

2) Wait a while

3) Right click the window and choose Select All

4) Right click Selected and choose Copy

5) Open new document in Word (or other word processor)

6) Right click in new document and choose Paste

7) Save that Bad Boy

The formatting is not pretty, but it's fast. And the content is there!
(Fer yer posterity and whatnot.)

There. Now go have yourself a Happy Blog Backup day.

(This will work only for those who use blogger. If you use wordpress or some other bastard blogging web site, this info will not help you. Or maybe it will. Might give you a start. Or at least get you thinking about backing up your blog.)



meg said...

Hot diggity dawg. I just wrote me one fatty book. And saved it on my iDisk.

Thank you.

The MacMizzles said...

Hmmm....better do it.

Winder said...

Thanks! It was a traumatic day when I thought we lost it.