Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crappy Camera Phone Photoshop Action

Are you tired of your crisp, clean photos? Do you wish your photos resembled those found on the facebook and blogs of today? Do you hope for blur and grain? Do you long for muted colors and illegibility. Are you feeling left out?

Well look and hope no longer - for I have a solution for you! Allow me to introduce the Crappy Camera Phone Photoshop Action.

With the new CCPPA, you now have the power and know-how to turn those great photos into something below marginal. You can upload photos just like the rest. See the difference today!

Before Crappy Camera Phone Photoshop Action:


After Crappy Camera Phone Photoshop Action:


Act now while supplies last!


Winder said...

Sweet! Hook me up.

meg said...

Burst out laughing in a quiet doc's waiting room. Thanks for that.

Becca said...

I think you're on to something here...can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Ryan said...

some of us are talented enough not to have to fix it in post

M-Cat said...

Definitely. Since all my pictures are crappy, it couldn't hurt!

Ryan said...

...which is to say I already take sufficiently crappy camera phone pix, lest meg / rabid backer #1 threaten greater epidermal damage ;)

on separate/related note - nice character fam emo-photos. and further separate/less related - do you know the couple whose pix are below yours?

- c) another smart ass

rabidrunner said...

Right. I've seen your in-camera crappy camera possibilities, Ryan.

Kidding of course. You'll always be my favorite brother-in-law.

Speaking of which, why-in don't you git yerself a blog and post that bad-boys you been takin as of late?

Ryan said...

To hammer out the record (and avoid an awkward if humorous conversation at a future family get-together), we're not related (to my knowledge)...I'm the other variety of smart ass (c)

"Ryan is either a) my smart ass brother-in-law or b) my sister's smart ass friend from high school or c) another smart ass."

- "Perpetual (Un)Happiness" post-commentary

meg said...

Ooh, I hope Ryan's not some creepy stalker. Appears he inadvertently tricked you into thinking he was family.

Ryan said...

LO...wait a sec! Is the global travel quiz just a ruse, like those pseudo-lottery sting operations employed to ensnare warranted criminals?

- mrragzz

meg said...

I thought so.

Really, I did.

So why does Rabid get your real name, huh?

Ryan said...

great question...

in hindsight I figure I was logged into to gmail when initially commenting on rabid’s blog (auto-recognized my google id) whereas it took a host of attempts to get any personal id to "take" when first commenting on one of your ‘marks (aol eventually worked). since I don't frequent many blogs, and rarely if ever comment, the whole process was rather foreign.

guess who's just been outed as a blogging luddite? :)

rabidrunner said...

Oh, ho ho ho ho! The Ryans have got me. My sister is married to a Ryan. And he's a real smart-ass. So obviously, when the name Ryan pops up, I figured for sure it was the brother-in-law. The last time I spoke with him on the phone, I said, "listen smart-ass blah blah blah blah" Then he says to my sister, "Why is Rabid into calling me smart-ass lately."

I'm laughing real loudly right now. And even your comment about not being related made me think it was still him. Because he's the type that would pretend 'n such.

So today on the phone with Ryan's wife, also my sister, I said, "hey Ryan won the prize!" And the sis says, "Really? It can't be him, he hasn't read your blog in weeks."

The sis then says, "You are being messed with." Only thing is, you were upfront and forthright, etc. It was ME that was messing with ME.

Do you see why I go by Rabid? I mean, no one else is going to voluntarily go by "Rabid." It helps with individuality to nickname yourself after an angry, raving, lunatic disease.

From now on, there will be Ryan the bro-in-law and...


I hope you guys read this...oh and by the way, the "luddite" gave it all up anyways. Ryan-in-law doesn't know what the hell a luddite is. Come to think of it... neither do I.

meg said...

Whatever, "Ryan." You just wanted to add to your bifurcated identities.

Recalling what you do for a living, you're no actually luddite; it's reserved for the blogosphere. So should we call you a bluddite? Or a blog neophyte? Or just maybe a Nephite?

meg said...

All errors in the above are the fault of my phone.

Ryan said...

Nothing like a hearty laugh at the end of a long work day. Thanks for that :)

Ryan said...

hmm two kottke posts in one sitting sending me back thru rabid archives. what gives?