Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Decisions

I have some big decisions to make.

Strangely enough, all these big decisions have the deadline of October 31. Which is Halloween. Halloween is second to April Fools Day on the Rabidrunner Recreation Richter Register (seven point Oh! to be exact). There won't be any responsibility on Halloween. And most certainly there won't be any decision makin' either.

This means the decisions must be made by October 30.

Big Decision #1: Should I register the car or buy a new one.
This is a tuff one. I want a new car. It might be time for a new car. The Dyke Mobile is turning into a rattle trap. Still runs like a champ, but has developed noise. Sometimes I can cover up this noise by boosting the volume voltage on the tunes. As of late, however, the volume voltage fails to mask the vibrations. (They're rattles, really. But vibration doesn't sound so, you know... rattley.) There's also this screeeech! when I start it up. Sounds like the slaughter of sixteen Sasquatches. (Now you know that Sasquatches don't die quietly.)

Other factors involved: It will be 90 bucks to register the car. Roughly 25,000 to replace it. I'm a don't-fix-it-if-ain't-broke kinda person, so I intend to buy the same car, same color - only 12 (or 13 or 14) years newer. Boring, right?

Another factor? They've changed the transmission so as to increase fuel economy. This is good and bad. Good because more mileage with the same fuel is always a plus. It's bad because it's a new tranny. (I love that word Tranny. You should know I'm doing this post only so that I can use the word Tranny.) A New tranny (oops! there's that word again) means it ain't tried and true. There's prolly bugs in those new trannies. EWE!

Tranny Bugs are nasty.

The final factor in this Big Decision #1 is the new car will need a name. I don't know if I'm up for that. "Scooby Rue," perhaps? Will ponder.

Decision #2: Should I buy a Midweek Season Pass at Sundance.
Another tuffy! See here's the deal. Powder is righteous. The Yahoos are in school. Do you see the connection? When it dumps, I am free to partake. As in POW!

So I hear you saying, Why Sundance (Scumdance)? Let me tell you why Sundance. First and foremost, Daddy works for Park City (Park Schitty) - we're hooked up at Park City (even after Spouse Crushed his Calcaneuses there). Park City is far away. One hour minimum - and midweek morning traffic stinks. Sundance is 36ish minutes away. I can drop the Yahoos off at school, burn up the Canyon de Provo and make many turns.

So I hear you saying, Why Not Alta (Shmalta)? Or Snowbird (Snowturd)? Or Brighton (Frighten)? Let me tell you why not Alta or Snowbird or Brighton or even Solitude (Solid Turd). First and foremost, The Canyon. I've been in line for that canyon to open one time too many. It's painful. Itchin' to ski and you can't even drive up the road. I only have a few precious school-time hours to burn - I just don't have time to wait for a dumb canyon to open for measly avalanche control.

.. Bah!

Another reason for not choosing the above? Every Powder Hound in the state heads to Snowbird or Alta after a dump. CROWDED. And the arrogance of the Powder Hound crowd is intimidating. They just swallow me up whole with their knee dropping.

(Knee droppers. Bah again! They're like cyclists who ride a single speed! Double Bah!)

Another bad thing about the above? The runs at those Powder Hound Resorts are all tracked up in 30ish minutes flat. I've made first tracks at Scumdance around 2:00pm, in the afternoon.

Now that I've established that it will be Sundance, I need to decide if. It's only $225 but goes up a bunch after October 31. Did I mention that my Midweek pass would include the Nordic Center (whereby I can cross country ski with Spouse?) No? I didn't mention that? It does. Fer reals.

Unbelievable. All those words and I've only covered two of my Big Decisions.

Big Decision #3: Should I get a MePhone.
My cell phone service ends on October 31. I need to sign up for something new. Should it be a mePhone? I know you will all says yes (for we have already discussed this.) But do I need a stinkin' mePhone? I mean, is it really worth the cash each month? It ain't the phone I'm worried about, its the service agreement.

Big Decision #4: Should we sign the Yahoos up for Mountain School
This is a big commitment. That's 10 Saturdays of committed skiing. Not a big deal for us. Downright great for us, in fact. The Yahoos will be babysat and taught to ski. This is a big deal for the Yahoos, however. I mean, no friends ('cept the ones their ski group), no games ('cept the ones they play on the mountain), no electronic toys ('cept the ski lift).

If we do the Mountain School, running a spring marathon will either not happen or be a bust. This vital piece of info must go into the equation.

Big Decision #4 carries the most weight. It's pricey. The Yahoos won't appreciate it. They will whine. Will I be able to handle all of that? Take in all in stride? With big breaths? (Hah! You read that as Big Breasts, didn't you?)

Big Decision #5: Speaking of Big Breasts, should I get the implants?
Kidding. No implants here. I prefer my plants out of my person. Sorry to let you down.



Julia said...

New one. Yes. No. Yes. Definitely. (Just kidding on the last one.) That's my vote. But are you really sure you want the same color for #1--how bout brown? Then you could name it Scooby Poo.

Winder said...

I say drive your car until it breaks down and leaves you stranded, that would be an adventure! I think yes to the ski pass (does it include the night skiing?) Yes to ski mountain for Yahoos. No opinion on mephone. As far as the implants you just might be perfect with them! :)

rookie cookie said...

Because it matters, here is my 3 cents.

1. Don't get a new car. Driving a clunker is the new cool. I do it and everyone I know wishes their car was full of surprises like mine.

2. Get the ski pass. You can be all alone and it won't be very busy during the week days.

3. Don't get the phone. It will suck your life away with all it's exciting games.

4. Def sign the Yahoos up for ski school. We used to go skiing every Saturday at Deer Valley when I was a Yahoo. Some of the best memories of my life. Next time I see you, I will tell you about the time when 8 year old Caitlyn thought she could take a mogul run that was as high as Timpanogos.

5. Let down and big breasts in the same sentence. Effective.

M-Cat said...

I'm exhausted just by reading your list of deadlines.

Go for the new car and that will scratch all the other decisions out.

tom lindsey said...

Struggling with the ski pass decision myself. Do you know what the 1 Nov price increase is?

meg said...

Get the implants, duh.

They're how you make friends and influence people.

tom lindsey said...

I am with meg. Get the implants and alternative avenues for extra cash will make the other decisions just go away. Midweek pass seems like a no brainer-- paid for in 6 visits.

Mountain school: can you imagine finding shoes AND boots 10 frantic Saturday mornings in a row? Better start coming up with some fresh material now ;-)

rabidrunner said...

You are all so clever!

Scooby poo is brilliant, a break down adventure is something every car owner dreams for (similar to that trip to Europe), and Rookie noticed "Let Down" and "Big Breasts" in the same sentence. Now that was brilliant... if only it was on purpose!

Getting the new car is a great idea Ms. M-Cat because then I'd only get to make one decision. Brilliant again!

The Nov 1 pass price is 3-something. Maybe high 3-something. I'd go look it up now but I'm too lazy - that and I know that it wouldn't be cost effective after Oct 31 (for me anyway).

And Megan pointed out that implants are the way to Win Friends and Influence People. Now, why wasn't that in the book? (Contrary to popular belief, I have read the book.) It's prolly not in the book because implants weren't invented at the time of it's first edition.

Another thing,
Implants+Blond Hair=Extra Cash
Implants+Brunette Hair=0(Extra Cash).

Tom, you're blond. Implants might bring you extra cash.

Incidentally, the flash-forward of find the boots and gloves and helmets and coats and whatnot (for 10 Saturdays in a row) is wearing on me as we speak.

meg said...

All in favor of seeing Tom with implants say Aye.


Becca said...

My head hurts just thinking about it!
But here's my 2 cents

1-my answer is obsolete now

2-of course you need the ski pass-what else would you do all day-sit home and clean?

3-Yes-you've been wondering about this one for a long time, which is just another way of saying you've been putting it off for a long time. Just think-that cow bell app is calling your name!

4-Tough one-it might be fun, but I'd be inclined to say no. I think as parents we (or maybe just me) tend to do a lot of unnecessary things for our kids because it would be a great opportunity. But kid's don't get that and they rarely appreciate it. If it was me, I would just plan a few family ski days, or a single day (or two) at ski school and take the money you will save to pay the babysitter for you and spouse to enjoy your Saturday away! And as an added bonus, you wouldn't have to worry about them and their ski school drama.

5-If you're not getting them, could you just get a set for me?