Thursday, September 10, 2009

To The Nines

I get excited about extraordinary things. Things that don't happen very often. Christmas and birthdays happen often. I don't get excited about Christmas and birthdays. But then you already knew that. One might argue that Christmas only comes around once a year, thus making it special. But I disagree. Although Christmas comes around only once a year, it's around entirely too much during that once a year.

I get excited about unusual things. Things like 9/9/9 (September 9, 2009.) That was yesterday. It will be a hundred years before 9/9/9 rolls around again. (If I'm lucky, and boy do I hope I get lucky, I won't live to see the next one.)

That's why 9/9/9 was a special day. A day for celebration. A day for extraordinary things.

Somewhere around 13 months ago, it was 8/8/8. Do you know what I did on this 8/8/8? The only 8/8/8 of my existence? I ran 8 miles. That's it. And I didn't even do it at 8:00. I remember the day after - 8/9/8 - as a day of remorse. A day of mourning. A day of anguish. A day for penance. I vowed on this 8/9/8, that I would never let a special day of this magnitude slip through my aging phalanges.

And so on this 9/9/9, I planned 9 special and extraordinary things.
  1. Completed 9 loads of laundry. (Had to split one of the loads up so that 8 loads became 9. Sacrifices, I tell ya. Sacrifices.)
  2. Took 9 ibuprofen. (Not all at once, however. Had you scared, huh? Although you don't know the milligrams in each ibuprofen, so shame on you for making rash judgments.)
  3. Made and listened to the "9" playlist. (Which included 99 Luft Balloons, Karn Evil 9, #9 Dream and many others.)
  4. Listened to Beethoven's 9th, 9 times. (But not in entirety. That would be, like, 9 hours!)
  5. Grocery shopped and purchased only items that contain a 9 in the price. (Except the chocolate milk - the chocolate milk didn't have a 9 in the price. It was an emergency. I felt a bonk coming and chocolate milk is the best for beating the bonk. Speaking of beats, beets were .99 - I heart beets! - so I bought 9 cans.)
  6. Made mini loaves of bread, shaped like 9s. (Handed 'em out to 9 friends).
  7. Sent Megan the theme song for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (She's my favorite Trekie.)
  8. Made 9 layer dip. (Beans, jalapenos, taco seasoning, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, olives, tomatoes, green onions. I listed them only because I knew you'd call me on that one.)
  9. Went to bed at 9:00. (But didn't sleep until I finished 9 pages of Atlas Shrugged. Which is taking me 9 months to finish.)

  10. Are you feeling remorse now? Because you missed out on the Nine Action? Not to worry! 10/10/10 is a year away! You can start planning now.




Winder said...

Now I have really got to move closer so that I can be the lucky recipient of a loaf of bread shaped like a 10. (Or would it be 2loafs?)

Hen Pecks said...

Well, now I feel like a loser nine times over.

Thanks a bunch. I think I'll remove your RSS feed.

rookie cookie said...

I am so glad you posted a pictures of the 9 bread. I thought you were lying.

meg said...

Rabid doesn't lie.

I'm so honored to have been a part of your 9 day. And like all others I feel like a total loser for not taking advantage of 9.9.9.

Next year. 10.10.10 is going to be amazing.

Staci said...

Nine loaves of bread, nine loads of laundry, nine layer dip, and grocery shopping? Plus I'm sure you ran 12 miles . . . or was it nine? Anyway, how did you do all that in one day?