Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Something's Gotta Go!

Megan says she misses me. And being as Megan is my very bestest cyber friend, I better do something about it. Trouble is, I'm swamped. And not in that I-have-so-frickin-much-I-gotta-do kind of swamped. It's more of that, I-have-so-frickin-much-I-wanna-do kind of swamped. When I get in this mode of wanting to do it all, that tiny little mind o' mine turns to mush. (Actually, it's more like quicksand because every train of thought sinks.)

So what do I want to say today? (I still don't know!)

I can start by saying the photography workshop was a success. In all of my short 25 years (hehehe), I've yet to have more fun learning. It was a weekend of high-energy, soak-it-up fun. In the market for a photography workshop? Watch Nichole Van. She'll be issuing more workshops soon.

After coming home, I was ready to pursue the photography thing aggressively. Until now, I let the business trickle in, without searching out potential customers or marketing myself. Now? I'm hungry to take pictures. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry.

Trouble is... I'm swamped (member?)

Sunday evening, I came clean to Spouse. "Something's gotta go," I told him.

"What do you want to give up?" He asked.

"I cannot decide. I should put all my extra curriculars in a bowl and draw one out at random."

"You'd leave it to chance?" Spouse said.

"Might have to. Beats making a decision."

And so I created the list of extra-curriculars, so that I could type each one up onto a piece of paper and put it in a dish. What was on this list? Why... let me tell you!

Running, laundry, showering, wearing makeup, going to church, blogging, e-mail, the tax job (which incidentally is bashing me in the face with busy right now), vacations, Yahoo #1, watching TV, hat making, yard work, movies, retrieving the mail, mountain biking, lunching with friends, organ lessons, Yahoo #2, owning a car. The list could go on and on.

With that burdensome list clogging the nerves that control relaxation, I remembered that I hadn't done my visiting teaching in a couple months (visiting teaching is a religious ritual that I subscribe to - wherein I visit three women each month to ensure they're doing okay.)

I was feeling bad for not visiting. So I baked some bread and ran it over to their respective houses. Without revealing more than is necessary, lets just say that one of those loaves of bread was not welcomed warmly. I got an earful of chastisement for not coming around and helping her through the last few months. Told me not to come back.

I drove home, cried to Spouse with words of "I'm tryin" and stuff.

Then I put that lady's name on a colored piece of paper, scrunched it up and loaded it into my get-rid-of-stuff bowl. (The colored and scrunching will make it easy to pick.)

Not what Jesus would do, is it? Nope... Repent.


Ashley Thalman said...

One of the things on my list of "can't do cause I ain't got time" is blogging, reading blogs, writing posts, commenting on blogs....

Perhaps Fall will make things slow enough to bring the desire to blog back and then maybe it won't. Whatever.

meg said...

If blogging's the thing that has to go, I will understand but will mourn with much wailing. I shall rend my garments and run gravel through my hair.

I feel terrible for making you feel the big O about blogging for me. That's the O to hate. And I hate that I made you feel it. I'm sorry, best cyber friend.

meg said...

P.S. You're damned funny. I love the bowl idea. And love a lot the colored crumpled paper.

And that wretch didn't deserve your handmade bread. My dukes are up and I'm ready to take 'er.

rabidrunner said...

Megan darling... blogging is never about obligation. I didn't post something because I was obligated to you - it's because I like you. 'Sides we've already decided that we're not the type of friends that come with obligation, right?

(That is the Big O you were talking about right? Or should I assume that this post made you inappropriately excited? Or that blogging for you gets me excited? Either way it's all so very good!)

Winder said...

Don't put me in the bowl!

The MacMizzles said...

Nor I! OR my kids,...they worship you, and your family. OOOOPS! Sorry. There is never obligation, just joy to be a part of your life.

Julia said...

I definitely think that blogging, photography, and bread making should not be put in the bowl because you are fabulous at all of those things. Maybe you should delegate getting the mail. That should free up a minute or two. :)