Sunday, September 06, 2009

Rabid Beaters

These things, these Egg Beaters, are death traps.

These things, these Egg Beaters, are snares, made to lock you into position, so as the enemy can take you out. These things, these Egg Beaters, are bits of metal, designed by fancy-pants engineers and marketed by cycling powerhouses. Marketing powerhouses that persuade little people like me with the Promise of Awesome Mountain Biking. Mountain Biking available only to those who have these things, these Egg Beaters.

Might as well be Rabid Beaters.



Winder said...

Ummm... Did you crash? Hopefully you were at least moving.

tom lindsey said...

As you know I have a pair of these, not quite as fancy as yours but equally deadly, and surely you would have enjoyed watching me go head over heels on the Blackhawk Loop yesterday afternoon. The time I fell over while getting on my bike was less impressive but equally hilarious.

I mention this for two reasons:
1. to share your pain
2. plant the suggestion that you and your spouse, and presumably others, should take this ride sometime a little later in the fall. Some trees are now starting to turn but I guess it will be a month or so before things are really going strong.

rookie cookie said...

You did take quite a beating. Your poor, poor knees.

Other items of business:
1. Thank you for your help with food prep last night. The brunch was excellente.

2. Thank you for the vat of Nutella. Nutella and I have a hot threesome with Soup Spoon tonight.

3. Thank you for the break. Soft and delicious.

4. Thank you for driving all the way out here. Sorry it's so far.

rookie cookie said...

Of course by "break" I mean "bread".

Becca said...

How badly were you beaten?

Brian said...

I noticed on that many reviews said things about 'shims' and 'shoe compatibility', etc. Might want to check the Peddler for setup... Did find the following review and it made me think of you:

... I have been using for 3 weeks and I still keep falling every time I do an emergency stop. The worst thing is I'm on the ground fighting to get up and they still WON'T come off.

Sounded familiar, unfortunately...

Brian said...

F! ;)

rabidrunner said...

I did crash... well not exactly a crash. It's more of several tip-overs. On rocks. With sharp edges. And by several, I mean in the double digits. I'm bruised from hip to stern (whatever the stern is), but able to walk and talk and pull all sorts of attitude.

A couple of things for Brian... 1) I do have the Shim, the Peddler did mention this. Will go talk "at" the peddler today for recommending this expensive piece of crap. 2) F is spelled, "EF". Confusing, I know, but that's just how it is.

Brian said...

Gotcha! (EF! How embarrassing)