Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning Dribble

I have an appointment with the Corporate People today. To go over expectations and whatnot for the gig we have together this weekend. I cannot stand up straight. Worst... I cannot stand up hunched over for more than a few minutes.

This is gonna be interesting.

The Yahoos have school at 8:00am today instead of 9:15am. Why? Because four days a year, the school takes it upon themselves to rearrange the schedules of 300-400 families so that each parent-student combo can meet their teachers for a few minutes. I get all sorts of ranty over this. Yahoo #1 has a piano lesson every Thursday at 8:30am. This is the Utopian piano lesson spot. We have the lesson then we go to school.

It's as slick as the axle grease Grandpa uses on his Do.

Four times a year, the grade-school administration changes school from 9:15am to 8:00am. Two of those events land on Thursday. Do you see the scheduling conflict? We have school at 8:00 on two Thursdays a year. We have a piano lesson at 8:30 on those same two Thursdays.

Those of you who know me well, can already guess how this conflict is handled. But since some of you do not know me all that well, let me fill you in on the action. (Don't laugh! The piano lesson presents lots of action at our house.) On those two Thursdays, the Yahoo goes to school late.

Piano is Priority.
(The Teacher Transcends the Paramount of Piano. We do not Ruffle her Roost.)

I started this post to show how awkward the morning proceedings were and ended up on a rant! Wow. Where will I go next?

I will now go to the Morning Dribble.

- Alarm sounds. Turn off. Rest.
- Brush teeth. Rest.
- Wake Yahoos. Throw clothes on the beds of Yahoos and instruct to put on. Rest
- Give instructions to Yahoos for breakfast. Rest.
- Ask Spouse to drive Yahoos to school. Rest.
- Read e-mail and such. Can rest while doing this.
- Shower. Standing for 3 minutes. Sit for 15 minutes. Get out. Put on robe.
- Rest.
- Squeegee shower. Rest.
- Replace robe with clothes. Rest
- Look for physical therapist available today. Make appointment.
- Wrap wet hair in ponytail. Rest.
- Pluck chin hairs. Rest.
- Apply skin resurfacing and youthanizing makeup (not to be confused with euthanizing.)
- Rest.
- Pack up camera goo. Rest. Rest some more. Blog while resting.
- Gather strength to carry camera goo to car.

Look at all this rest. And I'm planning a 26.2 in 11 days? Hoping for a faster time than last year?

Oh mercy. Bless my heart!

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Winder said...

You can do it...How do I know? Cause you are now:
"Little Miss Sunshine"