Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Taper Time!

When it comes to running, there's Hammer Time and then there's Taper Time.

Hammer time is training time. In the Rabidrunner marathon cycle, Hammer Time is 9 weeks long. That's 9 weeks of 60-70 miles a week. If I had unnecessary arrogance, I'd say something like, You Can't Touch This. But truthfully you can. Lots of people do it.

Just this morning, I finished my highest mileage week ever - 73.5. That's 73.5 GPS-tracked miles. What does GPS-tracked mean? That those 73.5 miles are legit, making me Too Legit To Quit.

How does one run 73.5 miles in one week? Let's spell it out, shall we?

Monday: 23
Tuesday: 5
Wednesday: 12.5
Thursday: 10
Friday: 5
Saturday: 18

It hurts to be me right now. (More than usual.)

Now that Hammer Time is over, it's Taper Time. Which means 55-59 miles next week, 45 the week after that, then MARATHON WEEK! (I get all loony and such such thinking about it!)

Note: I had this clever little ditty planned that would weave Hammer Tunes smoothly into my Hammer Time / Taper Time post. But that guy and his fancy-pants had only two songs. Really. If only MC's fancy pants were Hammer Tunes, oh what a bright post this would be!


meg said...


I don't have words. I usually do, but for this I don't. You're like a supehero. Er, heroine. Or heroin--cause I just can't quit. Can you fly too?

Julia said...

I love the last three posts. Very creative tactic with the Yahoos getting ready to Beethoven. I love the "9" craze. And I cannot believe you just ran so many miles last week! Incredible! I ran 6.5 miles. Are you proud? You shouldn't be because they were illegal miles, as I am not supposed to run until 6 weeks postpartum and that isn't until this Thursday. I should probably taper too--only 6.2 for me this week.

Ellvie said...

What about "Pumps and a Bump" the little known but highly entertaining attempt by MC Hammer to make a comeback as a hard-core rapper? You should give it a listen and I recommend watching the video!

Winder said...

You also forgot the Hammer song "Pray" Mabye I will perform it for you when I see you next.

Lisa said...

Taper Time - the best two words in marathon training (OK "finish line" is close)

I am in awe of you :) Congrats on making it through another training schedule!