Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Breakfast With Beethoven

The Yahoos take 1.5 hours to do three things:

1) Get Dressed
2) Comb Hair
3) Eat Breakfast

Is an hour and a half necessary for those three things? NO. I've tried everything short of bribery to get 'em to speed it up. Yesterday I reinvented a new strategy.

It's called Breakfast With Beethoven.

Here's how Breakfast With Beethoven works: I play one of Beethoven's Symphonies. If my squirming Yahoos finish their designated responsibilities before the symphony ends, they get to turn off the symphony. If they are not finished with dressing and breakfast before the symphony is finished, there will be consequences. Consequences that may or may not involve wearing a powdered wig to school. (Some of those symphonies are well over 30 minutes long. I don't think I'm asking much.)

Today's Breakfast Symphony was Beethoven's 9th. Being as today is 9/9/9, I figured it was appropriate. And speaking of this 9/9/9 only-comes-around-once-every-hundred-years phenomenon... I have serious plans for celebration.

Stay tuned for a complete 9-part recap.


Winder said...

I must know how it went.

meg said...

Reminds me of how our mom used to wake us. She'd pipe some awful classical stuff (we thought it was awful then) through the intercom system and she'd keep playing it until we got up.

I have a suspicion she did it as a kindness--gentle music via NPR to wake her kids, but we hated it, so we got up quick.

megan said...

Here I thought I was so clever with my sticker chart to earn a teriyaki burger from carls jr. delivered to school for lunch! beethoven is MUCH better

The MacMizzles said...

Truly delightful. Next you need to listen to "An die ferne Geliebte" the first song cycle ever written. By Beethoven It's a gem.

I love this, them are lucky kids.