Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wasatch Crack Relay: Post 13 of Many


I take notes. While driving, while talking on the phone, while reading a book or watching TV. If you say something interesting or (better yet) funny, I will write it down. If you say a word that resonates or makes my heart sing, I will write it down. This is irregardless of whether it's a legitimate offering or a made up word.

I write notes on receipts, gum wrappers, to-do lists, tax forms and even my very own person - whatever I have laying around. I use pencils, pens, sharpies, even eyeliner. You can imagine the clutter around our house - little bits of papers and whatnot here, there and everywhere. Can you see why I need a mePhone? So as to consolidate my notes into one nifty little device!

On the first day of our Wasatch Crack expedition, I was driving the car while Hillene was the designated navigator. "We should take notes." I said.

"Notes?" said Hillene. "Why?"

"So we can document what happens."

Hillene says "Okay" then grabs the nearest pen and piece of chemically processed tree. She proceeds to write: "10:13pm - Rabid said we should take notes. Ha Ha."


10:15pm - Hillene says she wants to Jump Himene. Found out he's in the Ogden Canyon. Rabid is driving and thinking about Sandwiching the Spouse.

12:00am - Rabid announces it's her birthday and everyone should sing. Downhill Diva has a bee-you-tiful voice! Where did that come from?

1:48am - [At this point, Hillene and Himene are in their van, the rest of us our in ours]. We smell at least four skunks and phone Himene to verify that it isn't his wife. "She does have night emissions," he says.

1:51am - We see the first walker.

1:52am - Crystal Meth [our talker extraordinare] has quit talking. Is she asleep? Think so. How can she sleep with this noise? How can she sleep in that position?


1:55am - We see male human that's running with bunny ears. Docteur Scott [the resident Frenchman - for he really does come from France] tells him he looks good.


1:58am - Shirtless guy running. Docteur Scott hits on him. We realize this nonsense will not be funny tomorrow.

1:59am - Out 'n Back receives inspiration for a title for our notes: "The Ramblings of Van 2."


2:30am ish - Get in sleeping bag and try to sleep.

4:34am - Awake and refueling. Docteur Scott tells me my food stinks [turkey wrap with hummus and spinach].

4:45am - Docteur Scott offers to share used dental floss.


4:48am - Hillene sings "We Are The Champions" in her finest opera while waiting for our runner. Dances too. Foxes are filming the performance.

4:55am - Docteur Scott [out the car window] says, "Pardon me. Would you happen to have any Grey Poupon." Then yells like angry France person in French. We laugh.

6:03am - We see a train.

6:27am - Out 'n Back installs weather app on Docteur Scott's Crackberry.

1:05pm - Rabid announces the time of her birth. Everyone sings. Docteur Scott wakes up long enough to sing, then passes out. It's raining.


3:30pm ish - Hillene discovers that her sister beat her time on the beastie hill. [Her sister is on another team and running the same legs as Hillene. We'll call her Sisterene.] Hillene is bummed. Rabid comforts her with, "She lives in Colorado. The air's so thin there, she gets a workout in her sleep." Hillene opens her sleepy eyes big and wide then says, "True. True... TRUE. We need to move to Colorado."



The MacMizzles said...

so funny, and the pics are even better. The males on this journey seem to be less enthusiastic as the Rabid and Hillene.

Becca said...

Notes--now why didn't we think of that. God thing that there are "many" posts. You are giving me great ideas for next year!

Winder said...

If only I was strong enough to run far...I could have such fun!

Ellvie said...

That pickle looks good.